Hyun Bin is a real manly man, having volunteered and completed his military service in the Korean Marines. He is also a hot Hallyu star who has enthralled us with dramas co-starring with some very lovely leading ladies. So, who do you think is the fairest of them all, and which one is the prettiest actress according to Hyun Bin himself?

During a TV interview on January 21, Hyun Bin was was asked which actress was the prettiest among ALL the ones he's worked with. I think that's a difficult question for anyone. How are you supposed to answer such a question honestly? If he tells the truth, won't he risk offending the other actresses? Anyway, I've selected a list of very special and beautiful leading ladies. See who you think is the prettiest, and scroll down to see what Hyun Bin said.

1. Lee Na YoungIreland

2. Kim Sun AhMy Lovely Samsoon

This stellar drama has become a K-drama classic that is a must-watch experience. It also propelled Hyun Bin to stardom. The beautiful Kim Sun Ah gained weight for her role.

3. Song Hye GyoThe World That They Live In

Song Hye Gyo's beauty is recognized all over Asia, and she was also Hyun Bin's girlfriend until they broke up before his military service. We would think that he'd pick her, but does he?

4. Sung Yu RiSnow Queen

This was actually the very first Hyun Bin drama that I ever watched — and the saddest. I thought Sung Yu Ri was exceptionally beautiful.

5. Tang Wei - Late Autumn

I'm including Chinese actress Tang Wei (Lust, Caution) in this list of dramas because Tang Wei is a rare beauty and is even considered a "goddess" by her Korean fans. She is now married to the Korean director of Late Autumn.

6. Ha Ji WonSecret Garden

Ha Ji Won is truly unique in the combination of her feminine elegance and strong athleticism. So she is the first one that naturally comes to mind for many fans, especially given the romantic and poignant pairing that we witnessed in Secret Garden.

7. Han Ji MinHyde, Jekyll, and I

Han Ji Min plays Hyun Bin's leading lady in this romance drama with an unusual twist. We aren't certain yet which persona of Hyun Bin will be the one who falls in love with her, and which one she'll fall for. She also played Hyun Bin's political rival in The Fatal Encounter movie.

So here is Hyun Bin's answer: He said that Han Ji Min is the prettiest actress that he's worked with.

I really have to admire his no-nonsense response. No ifs, ands, or buts. Of course the actresses are all beautiful; it's just not that easy to pick one who is the most beautiful. What about you? Do you agree with him? To see his chemistry with Han Ji Min, check out the premiere of Hyde, Jekyll, and I:

~ NancyZdramaland