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On SBS's Good Morning, I Am A Singer's Yim Jae Beom shared his heartwarming story about his wife, who is currently suffering from cancer. Yim Jae Beom said “My wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer right before I started I Am a Singer … our family doctor told us to go to a bigger hospital and it was thyroid cancer.”

At first, Yim Jae Beon comforted his wife saying “I heard thyroid cancer nowadays is nothing. The medicines are effective and cheap.” However, it turned out that the cancer’s already spread to her stomach, intestine, and uterus.

“I was being mentally prepared for what will be coming, but fortunately, her cancer stopped spreading. But I’m still afraid. I regret not letting her pursue musicals that she used to love.” When Yim Jae Beom and his wife returned from the hospital, they met a cab driver who also lost two family members to cancer. The cab driver told Yim Jae Beom to “let her do what she wants to do.” So when Yim Jae Beom asked his wife what she wants to do, she answered that she “doesn’t want to go through radiation therapy.” This made Yim Jae Beom’s “heart sink.”