[caption id="attachment_6434" align="alignleft" width="402" caption="Park Si Young and Kang Ji Hwan"][/caption] Kim Sun Ah, previously cast as the female lead in the new rock drama I Am Legend, has quit the show due to production conditions. In light of Kim's departure, producers also fired would-be co-stars Juni , Jang Shin Young and Hong Ji Min and are scrambling to recast the drama, which has now been pushed back for an August debut. If you are enjoying Drama Fever's new addition Dong Yi, you'll want to check out this interview with the stars on set in Yongin. Han Hyo Joo, Lee Kwang Soo, Park Ha Sun and Jung Jin Young dish about shooting in isolation and often exhausting circumstances, Park's cure for bloating, and what Jung really thinks of the show (he says it's "fun.") Rainie Yang freaked out a bit on the set of the upcoming drama Sunshine Girl upon learning that her co-star would be none other than Wu Chun, who she feared was "even prettier" than her. Rainie also told the harrowing tale of her 10-day battle with constipation, which is really more than we needed to know. A few new promo pics from Coffee House were released, showing Eun Jung from T-ara and Kang Ji Hwan looking very cute together. Even though Rain came out saying that Lim Soo Jung is his ideal woman, it looks like he may be paired with Jun Ji Hyun in a new drama comeback tentatively titled either Runaway or Fugitive, which starts filming in June. And speaking of Rain, he's joined 27 other stars in a national campaign to "upgrade Korea's image" by speaking about their involvement promoting various government agencies. Jeon Do Yeon, currently starring in The Housemaid, gave a sober interview in which she talked about returning to acting after the recent birth of her child. She says that her goal in making the film was to hone her acting ability against a truly difficult role, rather than appearing in light and easy fare. Finally, internet star Kim Yeo Hee (also known as Iphone Girl because she creates her songs on the device) has scored a contract and will release her first album this May--check out Kim's take on Beyonce here, and her Karina cover here!