I Need Romance Cast

Jo Yeo Jung (Hometown Legends), Choi Yeo Jin (More Charming By the Day, Snow Queen), Choi Song Hyun (Prosecutor Princess), Choi Jin Hyuk (It's OK Daddy's Girl, Pasta), and Kim Jeong Hoon (fresh out of the military, Goong) all came together to talk about their new drama I Need Romance, a romantic comedy premiering on tvN on June 13. The drama follows the lives of single and independent career-women in their 30s. Think Woman Who Still Wants to Marry if you will, though perhaps a little more risque, or insane. The interview is as follows. I have to say, Kim Jeong Hoon ain't the quiet, lovable nice guy he was in Goong anymore.
Q: Jo Yeo Jung is in a love triangle with her lover of 10 years (Kim Jung Hoon) and a younger guy (Choi Jin Hyuk). Which type do you prefer in real life? Jo: It’s difficult to say. A 10-years-old lover is very comfortable, but the character Jin Hyuk plays is such a lovable character. I have had experience with both kinds of men, so I can relate to the character I’m acting. Do I have to pick one? I want to mix them up. Am I being greedy? Q: You’ve had a long-term relationship and a break up? Jo: Yes. However, Sunwoo In Young (her character) is very different from me. In Young breaks up when she sees her long-time boyfriend kiss a young girl. Then she does some crazy things afterwards. But I’m a bit different. I just end it. I can’t do any of the crazy things. Q: What about you, Kim Jung Hoon? Kim: Some people think love is important, but some think money is more important. They all have priorities. For me, love was a top priority during my early 20’s. However, it’s not so high for me anymore. I may be dating someone, but never have "I-want-to-date-someone" kind of feeling. It’s not very important for me at this point. Jo: Uh, what?? Q: Who’s your ideal girlfriend? Kim: I used to like cold city woman--short cut hair, glasses, mini skirt, and red shoes.  None of that matters when you get older. I don’t have any particular style that I like at this moment. I just like someone pretty. All men are the same. Q: What kind of girlfriends have you had in the past? Kim: Not many. My first love was during senior in high school. Second is when I was 20. No one after that… those two have left me a deep impression. Not that I can’t forget them, I feel like I used up all the love left in me with those two. Q: Have you ever thought that you’ve become an "herbivore" (someone who is passive about relationships)? Kim: Not at all. I’m very much a carnivore. Q: What about Choi Jin Hyuk? Jin Hyuk: Even though I have an O-blood type, I like dating someone with a B-blood type. My personality is not so great. I haven’t had a girlfriend for 3 years or so now. I don’t get into women easily. However, once I do, I go crazy in love. There are many things I want to do, but when I have a girl friend, I can’t do any of that. I’ve intentionally delayed having a girlfriend. Q: What kind of love have you had? Jin Hyuk: Song Hyun’s story in the drama is really my story. I really loved her. She was the only one I loved in my life. I get sad thinking about her. She couldn’t forget her previous boyfriend while meeting me. I had such a hard time. I can understand Song Hyun. Jo: That’s why you’re good at acting. Q: Choi Song Hyun comes out as a woman who’s never had a boyfriend, but you’re different in real life I hear? Song Hyun: I’m usually quite aggressive about relationships. If I like someone, I usually make sure the other person finds out. I am also waiting for the one who will be beside me forever, but the way I express it is different from the character.
Based on the interview, it looks like there will be plenty of love obstacles in the way for our 30-something ladies. What do you think - will you be tuning in? Stay tuned for I Need Romance - coming soon to DramaFever! source: Star News