20130118_jungdabin Child actress Jung Da Bin is all grown up, and there are pictures to prove it! A post was submitted on an online forum titled, "Jung Da Bin all grown up. The projects that Jung Da Bin featured in." Jung Da Bin is famously known for her Baskin Robins ice cream CF, which aired in 2003. Her debut rewarded her the nickname  "Ice Cream Girl," and love from the public. 20130118_jungdabin2 In the collective pictures are of Jung Da Bin from MBC's Wonderful Life in 2005, SBS's Iljimae in 2008, KBS's The Kingdom of the Wind, SBS's More Than Love in 2009, ChannelA's Goodbye Dear Life, and KBS's King's Dream in 2012. It's so wonderful to see these pictures of Jung Da Bin blossoming into a more mature child actress from her "Ice Cream Girl" days. Which of these is your favorite pic? (Source: Naver News)