Loyalties are tested as our heroes face the Guardians of Sacred Snow Mountain. Yuan Ji is determined to make them suffer for their arrogance in trying to gain access to his Veiled Lotus. All is not what it seems and this magical land will not give up its secrets willingly. Can the lines between friend and foe be trusted? Join DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as more secrets are revealed and old friends return in these episodes of Ice Fantasy.

DeShonda: Well our characters this week were in for a rude awakening as they entered Sacred Snow Mountain. They encountered some very difficult battles that really kept me on the edge of my seat. I must say that so far they have done good making it through the many obstacles.

Wendilynn: I admit to being shocked when Grandma showed up as the first guardian. I knew she was some awesome magical person just because of how she acted about what was going on around her, but I did not expect this. And to learn she is probably the person who helped Yuan Ji escape, or gave him the power to escape to save Ku Suo’s life was a twist. Talk about fated connections.


DeShonda: I was not expecting Ka Suo’s Grandmother to be the first guardian either. I guess that explains the poem she kept on reciting in the last few episodes. And I agree with you, that was a twist in the story that I would not have predicted at all. I just hated that she had to battle Ka Suo and the others when they arrived to Sacred Snow Mountain. I was so sad when my beautiful Dreamer Tribe Prince was injured.

Wendilynn: That poem she was repeating was the dream prophecy that our dear precious Dreamer Tribe Prince saw. She’s clearly known this prophecy for a long time. Probably why she’s always been in Ka Suo’s way trying to keep him blissfully unaware. I liked how they had to face each other’s fears as a way to win the challenge. To become aware of the darkest part of their friends and help them combat it was touching. Especially for our Bear and Eagle. However, did the Diecide sword choose to join Ka Suo of its own accord or was it summoned? I couldn’t tell. It seemed like it acted on its own there in the final battle with Grandma.

ife44  fairy.jpg

DeShonda: I liked the way the first challenge was played out as well. At first when they entered I was concerned about how they would overcome it. But then when they switched rooms it made everything clear for me. That was a very good scene and it was very touching not only for Bear and Eagle, but Luna and the Healer Tribe Prince as well. I think she is starting to come around to having feelings for him and I am totally here for that romance. And I was asking myself the same question, “Who summoned the sword?” I could not tell figure it out from what I saw this week. I do remember that Ka Suo’s father told him to take it with him before he ventured out to Sacred Snow Mountain, but he did not take it with him. But all I know is that “Mini Shi” is cute as a button. But I think he should be careful because the Fire Tribe Princess is lurking around every corner to gain information. I have a feeling that she is going to be the one to help Ka Suo out before it’s all said and done.


Wendilynn: I agree, I think Yan Da is a friend in this business simply because Mini Shi will keep her on their side. My pet theory on the sword is that because its housing part of Shi’s soul, which manifested itself in the cutest sword fairy ever, and add in the fact that Ka Suo is the owner and sheath of the sword, those things are acting together to make the sword a part of Ka Suo. His partner if you will. The sword seems to be taking an active part in protecting Ka Suo and helping him get through these challenges. Yes, it’s using the innocence of Shi in the sword fairy, but it's still stepping in at critical moments to make things happen the way Ka Suo needs them to. Yan Da, of course, is in love with Shi and will do everything she can to support him, even in sword fairy form. I was about to say that I guess we know what her wish will be and how Shi comes to be part of the Fire Tribe, but I’m going to hold off on that prediction. We’re at 40+ episodes and this show just has not gone the way I expected at all. It keeps me guessing and that makes it exciting.

DeShonda: I do like your theory regarding the sword. I can see that it is protecting Ka Suo which is why his father probably wanted him to take it with him. Your prediction about Yan Da could very well be correct. As you have said, as the story goes forward, twists and turns keep happening. At this point I am expecting the unexpected. Now the next challenge with the East Guardian was really tough. I don’t think Ka Suo and everyone expected what came before them. I knew there was something up with him when he entered their camp. Then the bracelets became a little suspicious to me, but I did not know what it meant at first. But I found out rather quickly and I must admit I was annoyed with the East Guardian. If I could reach through my TV and choke him I would. I just hated the manipulation of the entire situation. But of course Ka Suo had a master plan and when he put that in motion it was awesome.

ife45 death.jpg

Wendilynn: I agree with you, he was annoying. It didn’t seem like Yuan Ji respected him much either. Not that Yuan Ji respects any life form other than his love. Although, I think she’ll turn on him in a blink if she thinks it's in her best interest. Sexy handsome beast that he is or not. My heart sort of broke for South Guardian though. She was still horrible, but in a trapped sort of way. Yuan Ji certainly knew how to find people who were at their wits end to take advantage of.

DeShonda: I felt bad for the South Guardian as well. When they first entered I said to myself “Careful Ka Suo, just because everything looks beautiful doesn’t mean it is.” And I was so very right. It did have me fooled at first because I was distracted by the beauty of it all. But my Dreamer Tribe Prince figured out that the butterflies were demonic. But I also felt bad for the Fairy Tribe Princess as well and her mother. As horrible as the South Guardian is, she was in love and Ka Suo could relate to her in that way.

IFe46  s guardian.jpg

Wendilynn: When she talked about how only those who have known love and heartache can hear her music, it made me sad for all that she lost in the tragedy that became her life. But, I have a harder time feeling any sympathy for Fairy Princess’s mother. That woman had her eye on the wrong priority and it ended up killing her in the end.

DeShonda: Well Ka Suo has to face two more guardians to face. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next and what that sneaky Fire Tribe Princess will do.

2 guardians down and 2 more to go  What challenges await our warriors on this treacherous land?  

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