Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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Fire and Ice are at war and its getting hot around here. Its eye candy as far as the eye can see with beautiful men and women in exotic contacts and costumes straight out of every fantasy you ever dreamed about. Feng Shao Feng is back to stealing our hearts in this drama based on the 2003 City of Fantasy by Guo Jing Ming. Its taken 13 years to make it to the screen and so we invite you to join DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as we enjoy every gorgeous minute.

Wendilynn: While this is going to be a long drama, I’m surprised by how fast the episodes go. They do not feel like 45 minutes, which is both good and bad. I don’t know how long my heart can last with Feng Shao Feng on my screen. *fans self*


DeShonda: I agree with you. These episodes are moving rather quickly. I really like the way the story flows so far. I am really enjoying Feng Shao Feng’s performance. He is one of my favorite actors so anything he plays in is a winner for me. Fangirl mode is in full effect over here.

Wendilynn: All those blue eyes are doing terrible things to my libido. The costumes and sets could easily overwhelm the actors, but after the first few episodes, I feel like the actors finally get used to everything and really groove into their roles.

DeShonda: This drama is absolutely stunning! From the costumes, makeup, hair, and set design. I’m just in awe of how beautiful everything is. Visually, this is the best looking drama I have ever seen hands down. But you are right, the actors are getting more into their roles after a few episodes in.

IF e1  sets.jpg

Wendilynn: That’s what happens when you pull in a designer from Lord of the Rings. Lol They’ve been well trained. Lol The CGI magic settles down after a few episodes as well. Things start looking and feeling more organic.

DeShonda: I did read that somewhere that the Academy Award winning set designer worked on this drama. It does have a Lord Of The Rings feel to me, which I love. The CGI was not that bad at all to me. I personally like the magic elements and the lion was not bad either. I know that CGI has been a problem in some other dramas, but it works for me in this one. I did notice that they toned it down the more I watched.

Wendilynn: I really liked the lion too. Of course, he was playing with Feng Shao Feng so I might have been prejudiced. Lol As gorgeous as everyone is, I genuinely am intrigued by the characters. We have Ka Sao, played by FSF, to our utter devastation, but Victoria is also doing a good job. Little brother has me intrigued and I’m naively hoping our Fire Princess turns into a good person 40 episodes from now. Lol

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DeShonda: I really am enjoying the characters as well! There is a lot of room for character development and I can’t wait to see how everything plays out for them. So far I think all of the actors are doing a wonderful job playing their parts. Ka Sao is amazing and is easily one of my favorite characters, but I am also enjoying Victoria’s character as well. She is playing a very strong female lead as Li Lou and I am rooting for her! *Girl Power For The Win* I am also loving Ka Sao’s little brother as well. Again, more fangirl moments for me. I find his character very interesting since Episode 1. I am looking forward to seeing the development of him. As for the Fire Princess, I am hoping she will turn a new leaf further down the way as well. I think it’s a good chance it will happen.

Wendilynn: She certainly has an uphill battle given the nature of her family. Although,we haven’t seen which way the Mermaids will also go. Since we know who Ka Sao is in love with, I don’t see mermaid princess standing for any of that. She has him pegged as hers even though the fire prince wants her. I don’t see that going well. Also, little brother’s transformation from engaging 12yr old to adult young man is a bit of a trip. I’d like to know what set that off and if it has something to do with the type of magic he can do. Something about mirages? His goal is to take all the worries of the crown from his brother so that he can live a simple life. What will he be willing to do to make that happen?

IFe1  brother.jpg

DeShonda: I’m not sure where the Mermaid Tribe will go either. But I do agree, the Mermaid Princess is not going to let Ka Sao’s romance last at all. I am so glad you mentioned the little brother’s change from a child to an adult. I was wondering how that all happened. We never got a clear answer as of yet. Maybe it will come later in future episodes. But it does seem like it has something to do with his magical ability. I really love the relationship that Ka Sao and his little brother have. I think he is going to have to make a big sacrifice in order to make that happen.

IF e1  the promise.jpg

Wendilynn: Well, This is just beginning and Chinese dramas do love to make their characters suffer. I mean, we got a sort of confession in episode 10. Which was the sweetest dream I would never want to wake up from. And how Li Luo teased him about it, to make it okay between them again was just adorable. The look on Ka Sao’s face in that moment owned me. If I didn’t love him already, I would now.

IFe10  feelings.jpg

DeShonda: Yes, Ka Sao’s dream was very sweet. I must admit I was in my feelings watching that scene. I wouldn’t want to wake up from that dream either. Ka Sao and Li Luo are so cute to watch. I shipped them from the start. I just hope that their romance will blossom. But it is a drama so I know that some trouble is brewing ahead.

Wendilynn: Well, he ends up on a prison rock at some point. We saw that in episode 1. So things are going to get rocky (pun intended), and the chinese love their crazy. Although, I think I may go find an english version of the book, if there is one. I want to read more about this world. I like the leaders of the other tribes we’ve met so far. We’re collecting an interesting cast of characters to help Ka Sao on his way.

DeShonda: You read my mind Wendilynn. I am also interested in the English version of the book as well. I am interested in reading it not only to find out more but also to see how the book and drama mirror each other. There might be more detail in book form. I enjoy the all of the tribe leaders we have met so far as well. Interesting is a perfect word to describe them. Out of all the tribes we met so far, (Ice, Fire, Mermaid, Healer, Dreamer, Guardians AKA Humans ) do you have a favorite?

IFe1  allies.jpg

Wendilynn: Setting the Ice tribe to the side for the moment, I think I like the dreamers. That brother and sister were an interesting pair. But, I really liked that healer guy as well. His crush on the poison girl was sweet. She could have cared less, but his devotion to her was cute. He was just so nice. I’m excited to see who we meet next. Although, supposedly the Fire tribe has threatened everyone to their side now.

DeShonda: I like the Ice Tribe as well. But I also liked the Healer Tribe Prince as well. I thought his little crush was cute too. I am looking forward to meeting other Tribes and characters as well. But that is what makes this drama so interesting to me. There is never a dull moment because of all the different characters we meet. The Fire Tribe has basically bullied everyone, you are so right about that. I keeping an eye out on what their next move will be. Another element that I am really enjoying is the action scenes. I love martial arts, so the fight scenes are amazing to watch in this drama.

Wendilynn: The fight scenes are certainly well choreographed. You can see that they spent a lot of money getting good people to help make this drama work. There is a good stunt/fight coordinator involved. And this is saying something since most Chinese fantasy dramas have such over done fight scenes to start with. Very exaggerated. And this isn’t as much. 

The ride has started, have you gotten on board?   Do you have a favorite character yet?  Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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