Shi has discovered that it may not always be good to be the king. His position it now precarious as everyone suspects him of evil while the black mist and his own mother pluck the strings behind him. While Flame suspects Shi of being his son, investigations by others suspect an even crueler fate. Will Ka Suo be able to protect his brother after everything's said and done? Join DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as we discuss the ups and downs in these episodes of Ice Fantasy.

Wendilynn: My heart is breaking for Shi. I don’t like where this is going. With each episode, the boy who just wanted to help his brother is sinking farther into darkness.

DeShonda: I feel heartbroken for Shi as well. I don’t like the path he is going down as well. He is acting more like his mother. I guess the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.


Wendilynn: He doesn’t want to act like her, but she’s his mom. He had to protect her as a dutiful son. I just wish he wouldn’t try to keep this all to himself. If he would just tell Ka Suo, he would get help. But...maybe too much has happened now. Killing several of the Saints does make it hard to go back.

DeShonda: I was thinking that as well. He really does need help. I agree with you though, the killings does make it very difficult. He is just going through so much since he has become the Ice King. I am just wondering how is he going to continue to handle everything that is being thrown at him because it’s so much pressure. I don’t think he realized being Ice King would be this difficult. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.


Wendilynn: Truly. He’s made choices that have now bitten him in the backside with consequences that he never suspected. Although.. If Flame Prince ever shows his face in front of Shi, he just might happily kill him for what he’s done to the Mermaid Princess. Although, how dumb is she? Couldn’t she tell from the armor he was wearing he wasn’t Shi or Ka Suo?


DeShonda: You are right about that! Shi is not really happy with his “Brother” right about now. That scene with the Mermaid Princess and Flame Prince was getting on my nerves. I wanted her to notice that she was sleeping with the enemy so bad, but she was blindfolded and very naive as well. I just felt so sorry for her that she got played like that not only by the Flame Prince, but Shi shapeshifting as Ka Suo as well. I don’t blame her for being mad as hell. Both of them played with her emotions.

Wendilynn: She has every reason to be pissed, no argument there. I just think that you should be able to tell the difference between how someone smells who lives in lava and brimstone vs snow and ice. Sort of a clue… lol The developments between Ka Suo and Li Luo were nice. She is now cursed but he’s going to love her anyway. Rather adorable,really.

IFe34 marry you .jpg

DeShonda: I still love the chemistry that Ka Suo and Li Luo have with each other. Even though she is now cursed, she had to go through that for him. And she tried to deny her feeling for him, but I was hoping that the two of them would find their way back to each other, and they did. All is right with the world, for now.

Wendilynn: Well, thanks to her sacrifice, the Sword Fairies are no longer killing him. So, he can be healthy now. I wonder how the investigation into the mad King of the Flame Ice tribe will hurt our boys? While we know that the black mist is not mentoring Shi, the former Ice King does not.

IFe34 insane god.jpg

DeShonda: I am happy that he Sword Fairies are gone from Ka Suo’s body. I am hoping that he regains his powers soon because he is now healed. I am wondering about the investigation as well. I think it’s going to hurt them a bit, but they will overcome it in due time with help of course.

Wendilynn: How?!! All I can think about now is that something happens to drive Shi to Flame. As I watch his life fall apart, I can’t help think of that scene in the intro that shows Shi as a son of Flame fighting Ka Suo. I don’t want to lose Shi. I wan’t Ka Suo to save him from all the forces that are conspiring to drive him insane. You have Flame’s blackmail, His mother’s many murders and counting and then the Ice King looking to remove him because of his suspicions about the madman from prison rock. Everything is lining up against Shi. I don’t like it at all. 

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