Our King and his brave team have beaten all who have come against them, but the cost has been high. They are about to find out that the costs will be even higher than they expected. Join DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as we talk about these episodes of Ice Fantasy.

DeShonda: A lot has happened in these episodes that once again, I did not expect. I have to admit that I am happy to see Shi again, but he has completely gone to the dark side and taken on a new name Luo Tian Jin and identity. I am worried because he is out to kill Ka Suo and Ka Suo has no idea that he brother he is looking for is right in front of him.

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Wendilynn: I have to admit that the fight against Yuan Ji was more lackluster than expected after all that build up. However, to have him use his spirit as the final “awaking” for the Lotus flower so he could play tricks with the resurrections really sort of pissed me off. My heart totally goes out to Shi who is now resurrected as a full Ice Flame Tribe member. That boy is just not getting a fair shake at all. There better be a happy ending for this boy. I want to cry when I think of all he’s been put through in this story. I have to hand it to Ma Tian Yu, he’s played this character beautifully. I’m totally invested.

DeShonda: I feel bad for Shi as well and you are right, he has been through so much. I enjoyed Ma Tian Yu’s portrayal of Shi, it was wonderful to see how this character developed throughout this series. Shi is one character that I want to see have a happy ending, and I hope that he gets it because he deserves it. I also felt bad for Ka Suo as well. Now that Li Luo and the Mermaid Princess have switched bodies. Both of them know that something is wrong, but they can’t figure out what it is. And Ka Suo just wants to continue being with his wife, but she keeps rejecting him and he doesn’t understand why. It’s just a big mess what’s going on.

Wendilynn: Switching the bodies that the souls go into was Yuan Ji’s nasty trick. I wish people were on a faster uptake, though. Both of them are acting out of character and people should be picking up on that more. Amnesia doesn’t explain the total personality differences. Kudos to Medina and Victoria, though. They are portraying very convincing versions of each other.

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DeShonda: And that was a very nasty trick indeed. I was trying to figure out why no one was noticing that there is something about both of them that is strange. I think that some of them have a hunch, but they are not sure. The Dreamer Tribe Prince will probably figure everything out. Both actresses are doing a wonderful job playing one another and it’s very amusing to watch.

Wendilynn: I find it interesting that all the tribes from Snow Mountain are now on the move. And Flame King has gone insane eating everyone. What is up with that?


DeShonda: That is rather strange behavior of the Flame King. He is eating everyone's souls to make himself more powerful. He is about to try and cause some major havoc and he must be stopped. I think the Flame Tribe Princess will probably be the one to try and stop her father.

Wendilynn: Yes, I think Yan Da will be instrumental in this. She loves Shi, she hates what he’s becoming and I know she’ll do what she can to protect him. She’ll stand against her father for him. Now, if we can only get Ka Suo up to speed. I’m tired of him being in the background. Yes, he’s the main character, but it just seems like all he does is watch while everyone else does stuff. I think that’s why I was very disappointed in the battle against Yuan Ji, because I still don’t feel like we’ve seen all the power that is Ka Suo. He’s not being commanding enough for me, I think. I expect more of him.

DeShonda: Ka Suo is more in the background lately, and I can see how the battle against Yuan Ji is disappointing. I know we have not seen all of Ka Suo’s power, but hopefully, things will pick up more with him as this series comes to a close. It does seem that when Shi was in power he was much more commanding. Whatever happens in these next few episodes Ka Suo needs to be more powerful and I believe he will be. 

Has the price Ka Suo paid enough to satisfy Karma or Fate? How will the universe set things right once the two stars come together?   Ka Suo and Shi  will decide the future of the 3 realms but will there be anything worth saving when they are done? 

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