Welcome back everyone to the Ice Fantasy Drama Club. These episodes this week were exciting as we meet two new tribes: The Bear Tribe and the Spirit Tribe, Ka Sou was injured very badly while battling the Fire King, Our Ice Prince saves the Fire Princess revealing his true identity, and the Mermaid Princess gets into a bit of trouble as she ventures outside into the Mortal Realm. Join Wendilynn and I as we discuss these and other topics in this weeks episodes of Ice Fantasy.


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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Wendilynn: This drama is beautifully shot. The Cinematographer should get an award. I spend at least half the time that I’m watching this thing marveling at the scenery and camera angles.

DeShonda: I agree with you Wendilynn! The scenery in this drama is absolutely beautiful. I am in awe and amazed the more I watch this drama.

Wendilynn: The set designer, too. I mean, the serious detail of the production team is amazing in this. Which is nice because it offsets the slower storytelling style. Because we have so many episodes, it gives them room to really stick around and live in the moments they are in. Whether we are in a Mermaid palace, a grove of trees or a sphere filled with bubbles, there’s just so much to enjoy visually.

DeShonda: This drama has amazing set design! And what I am enjoying about them is that not only are they stunning, but it does balance out the storyline. I may have mentioned this before, but visually, this is the most beautiful drama that I have seen in a long time.

Wendilynn: Hands down. No argument here. Which is a good balance against the some time cheesy moments. Dealing with the Bear tribe, for instance. The chinese habit of overdoing it was evident there, but I still found myself liking the real leader of the Bear tribe.

DeShonda: I was thinking the same thing as we were introduced to the Bear Tribe as well. I just had a feeling that the scenes would be overdone big time. I did like the leader of the Bear Tribe as well. I wouldn’t think to ship him with the Spirit Tribe Princess but as they say opposites attract. Speaking of the Spirit Tribe, I was also fangirling over the Prince. He is just so beautiful to look at.

Wendilynn: Who isn’t very beautiful to look at in this? I mean, really? When we first met the real Bear tribe leader, he was quite ugly in his ratty dreads and such, but then they cleaned him up and I was like, “dang!”. I don’t blame the fairy princess for falling for him. He was like a gentle giant around her. Which was good because after that goofy fight with the assumed Bear leader, I was ready to do something else. Lol

DeShonda: Absolutely! The real Bear Tribe leader is very handsome. I was happy about his makeover. But the person that I thought was the original leader was a total bully. I was happy when Little Brother was in a battle with him. He was fighting for the Fire Princess and I was wondering how he was going to get himself out of that. Little Brother really had a tough time in these episodes.

Wendilynn: He did. Little brother found himself in the middle. I think he really considers the Fire Princess a friend. He seemed genuinely bothered that she was ready to roast him alive once he revealed himself. I personally felt she was justified in feeling betrayed.

DeShonda: Little Brother really did think of her as a friend. I can see why you would think that she felt betrayed. If I were her, I would feel the same way. I’m going to still ship these two though. It seems like they will continue to have this love/hate relationship with each other. Speaking of hate, the battle between the Fire Princess and her brother the Fire Prince was crazy. There is some sibling rivalries going on there.

Wendilynn: Seriously. Not that our dear beloved Fire King has fostered any love between his children. It’s a flame eat flame world for them. And supposedly at some point, little brother is supposed to turn into a flame prince himself which will really add a strange twist to the friendship between himself and Yan Da, our fire princess.

DeShonda: That’s right! I almost forgot about that small detail regarding Little Brother. That is going to be a rather strange between him and the Fire Princess for sure. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Wendilynn: Right? I was intrigued by his use of magic, when he went to save Ka Suo. His ice magic looked more like blue flames. Almost as if he’s a blend of fire and ice.

DeShonda: That’s what I noticed as well about Little Brother’s power. I am still trying to figure out how it works and the origin. But I seems like it is a mixture of both. If that is the case, then I have a feeling that he may be more powerful than he realizes. I’m keeping an eye on him to see how this develops.

Wendilynn: Right now, he’s the only ice tribesman with powers. Ka Suo got his butt handed to him by Flame and is almost human in his recovery. Mermaid Princess is proving she’s really not that smart and I think Flame needs to be careful declaring victory.

DeShonda: That battle between Ka Suo and the Flame King was brutal. But you are correct, he is almost human and I was concerned about how he would come back from that. As far as the Mermaid Princess goes, she should have listened to the Mermaid Queen’s rules before venturing outside her realm. She got herself in some big trouble along the way. She is very naive, but I did like how generous she was as she saved the older woman and her son.

Wendilynn: Her heart is in a good place, but she’s an idiot. Every time the ice tribe gets in trouble, she’s facilitated that. If she was any smarter, I’d think she was on Flame’s side. She was part of what allowed Flame to have a reason to attack, she walked Ka Suo to a trap. She’s just dumb. But, she did help provide her scales to heal Ka Suo.

DeShonda: I was just going to mention the scales. That was another of her positives, unless you want to count her saving the crabs from becoming someone's dinner as well. I was frustrated with her when she trapped Ka Suo however. She’s another one I am keeping an eye on. Something about her seems like she doesn’t know what she is doing and it might continue to get others in trouble, including herself.

Wendilynn: No argument there. And now we have Flame assuming he’s won and has Ice subdued. His little message in a bottle declaring his supremacy is not going to go over well, I think.

DeShonda: You are right about that. He thinks he has won, but I think he has another thing coming. I have a feeling that things are not going to go in his favor as well. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next episode.

What do you think will happen in the next episode? We love hearing from you, leave a comment and let us know what you think. Until next time!


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