A battle is won that earns the Ice Tribe a moment of peace while Flame heals from his wounds. Now it's time to choose a new King and everyone is scrambling to support either Ka Suo or his younger brother Shi. Only the brothers still care for each other and don’t want to fight each other for the throne. Will a dark secret tear them apart or can they still fight for what is important to them? Join DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as we delve into the deep secrets revealed in these episodes of Ice Fantasy.

Wendilynn: You know, with all the eye candy we had the first dozen episodes or so, I was sort of not prepared for how deep these episodes became. They really explored how all this anger from Lotus came to be and I put all this heartache on old Grandpa King wanting to live another 1000 years. If he hadn’t forced his son to take a concubine, we probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

DeShonda: I agree! These episodes became very intense. I was happy to see some of the backstory of the Grampa King. It is a big mess within the Ice Tribe right now. It makes for an interesting story as we have seen in these episodes.

Wendilynn: As messed up as all the grownups are, I love that Shi is focused on making his brother’s wish come true. The love those brothers have for each other is rather awesome considering the poison that is Shi’s mother, Lotus. His way of making that wish come true is a bit demented, but his heart is at least in the right place… sort of. Lol

DeShonda: I also love the relationship that the brothers have with each other. Shi’s mother is up to no good. But I can understand her wanting Shi to be the next Ice King, she is just very malicious. I do believe that his heart is in the right place as well. I just hate that the brothers have to battle against each other in order to get to the throne. The question is who should be the king?

Wendilynn: Everyone seems almost panicky about Shi becoming King. Makes me wonder what those “saints” forecasted as his destiny. Now that we know he’s really a child of Flame. That explains why he transformed the minute he was in Ya Dan’s custody. He’s been suspicious, I think, all this time as well. But with this new challenge to grow an ice crystal, his suspicions are being confirmed.

IF fate is changed.jpg

DeShonda: Yes! I noticed that everyone is on edge about Shi too. And you are absolutely right, he is very suspicious. There is definitely more going on with him than we know. He has gotten stronger with his magical powers as well. I thought it was cool that he could shape shift, like when he changed into the Mermaid Princess. And because he has the stronger powers right now, one would say that he belongs on the throne. However, Ka Suo is losing his power and I really hope he gets it back. It was sad watching him be depressed about it. It’s like he doesn’t want to be king really. He just wants to live a normal mortal life. And I can appreciate that about him.

Wendilynn: I’m getting irritated with him wallowing in self pity. He needs a good swift kick upside the head and a reality check. I get that he lost his powers and now he’s being controlled by blood thirsty fairies, but come on, dude. Lol Grow a pair. Be brave, just a little bit.

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DeShonda: I am almost certain that he will get out of his depression and gain his strength back and recover. He just might win the ice crystal challenge. But I have a feeling that there will be more challenges he will have to endure. I also was frustrated with his father because he is breaking up the possible romance between him and Li Luo. It’s clear that the Ice King does not want Ka Suo to have anything to do with her, and I want that romance to happen and have a happy ending. I’m thinking that Ka Suo may run away with Li Luo and choose his heart over the throne.

Wendilynn: I sort of want him to do that too. Lol However, I also can see the King’s point of view. If he gets the mermaid crystal, he can get to the fabled land and get his powers back. So Dad is trying to save his son, while the son just wants his girl. I don’t think Li Luo will be easy to claim now that she’s talked to the King. But what has me all in knots is at some point, Shi disappears and reincarnates, or reforms, into a son of Flame. I don’t really want this latest test of potential kinghood to finish because we just get closer to losing Shi and I like this little brother. Even if he is showing signs of going crazy in the eyes, just a little bit.


DeShonda: Yes I can understand how the King feels too. And speaking of the Mermaid Crystal, it appears he only married Shi’s mother for the crystal. That made me frustrated with him too because it’s obvious he used her. But I can understand him wanting to get his powers back. Also Li Luo has another young man that has some romantic interest in her. This makes for an interesting love triangle between her, the young man, and Ka Suo. I do like that he is protective of her and he means well, but this could get messy. I am not looking forward to Shi transforming into Flame either. I really like Shi as well and he is still one of my favorites.

Wendilynn: I really feel for Lotus. Flame only wanted her for her Crystal, Ice only married her for her Crystal. No wonder she wants to see everyone burn and chaos reign. You really can’t blame her. In all the universe, only her son loves her. Although, he may love his brother more. AND, I was finally glad to have that first scene in ep 1 explained. I’ve been thinking all this time that we saw something that was going to happen in the future, but instead, it's a prophecy. We haven’t been flashbacking this whole time.

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DeShonda: I feel bad for Lotus a bit too. I can understand her anger as well. I was wondering about that first scene as well and everything was cleared up. I relieved that everything was not a flashback, because I thought it was at first. There is a lot more story that is yet to be discovered, but I like finding out these pieces of the story and I am even more overjoyed when everything starts to come together. 

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