Hello everyone and welcome back to the Ice Fantasy Drama Club. This week we witness a beautiful wedding between Ka Suo and Li Luo that unfortunately leads to tragedy, Shi makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his brother, The Queen of the Ice Tribe gets into a dangerous battle with The Lotus, and The Black Mist finally reveals himself. Join Wendilynn and I as we discuss these and much more in this weeks episodes of Ice Fantasy.


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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Wendilynn: So a lot happened in these 8 episodes. Let's start with how everything came apart for Shi. You have Mermaid princess try to kill him on the day that Ka Suo and Li Luo get married. Resulting in li Luo getting fatally wounded. Nobody was having a good day that day.

DeShonda: Indeed, things went downhill rather quickly for Shi. I can understand why the Mermaid Princess wanted to kill him because she was betrayed and heartbroken. I really hated that this horrible event happened during the wedding of Li Luo and Ka Suo. And I hate even more that she got wounded very badly. I instantly felt very bad for Ka Suo when this happened. But I have to say bravo to the Costume Designer of this drama because Li Luo looked ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in her wedding dress. She really made a beautiful bride.

Wendilynn: She really was gorgeous. Half the time the wedding dresses in dramas don’t really fit the actress wearing them, but this time they nailed it. And I also want to give kudos to the makeup artists. The makeup in this drama is flawless. The shadow work on the eyes alone will keep me enthralled trying to figure out what colors they used and such. Although, during some of Ka Suo’s crying scenes you could see some makeup running. Lol However, that being said, even though half the characters are wearing colored contact lenses that could make it hard to emote through their eyes, they still are delivering moving performances. So so good.

DeShonda: I agree with you! The makeup in this drama is perfect! I noticed the running makeup you mentioned in the crying scenes as well. And speaking of colored contacts, Feng Shao Feng said in an interview recently that wearing them was one of the most difficult things while filming. He mentioned his eyes were always dry and it made him drowsy.

Wendilynn: A common complaint in actors who have to wear the heavy colored ones. And you can see that his eyes are often irritated. I found it interesting that it was Flame Prince who finally spilled the beans to everyone. His boasting to Mermaid Princess and to the Ice Tribe sure did bring things to a head. I was so afraid that Shi was becoming truly evil except they kept throwing in scenes like what he said after they had put Li Luo in the water. That let me know that my favorite character was still in there somewhere. While I have been waiting for the moment when Shi would run to Flame’s side, I was sooooooo not expecting it to go the way it did.

DeShonda: I was also worried that Shi was going deeper over to the dark side as well, but then I thought to myself there has to be a method behind his madness. He has to be playing the Flame Tribe, he must have a clever plan up his sleeve. I was expecting Shi to allign with the Flame Tribe, but I was shocked about the outcome as well.

Wendilynn: Well, thanks to his plan, we learned what was going on with Mr Banished. Flame lost one more son and Ka Suo got all his powers back and then some. I just was not expecting Shi’s sacrifice. Not at all. And then explaining everything in a dream so that Ka Suo wouldn’t go crazy. Did you notice all the crystal flowers? When Shi died, it looked eerily like the prophecy.

DeShonda: Yes indeed! Everything was starting to make sense when we learned about the Banished. The Flame King is not happy at all about losing his son, and I don’t blame him. He is definitely going to be out for revenge. I must say that I am very happy that Ka Suo has his magical powers back. And I was surprised about Shi’s sacrifice because it was so unexpected. That was very smart to reveal everything in a dream because Ka Suo would have been very worried. I am glad you mentioned the crystal flowers because I did notice them after Shi’s death. It was kind of spooky I must say.

Wendilynn: Shi cemented himself as my favorite character in that episode. From start to finish all he ever cared about was setting his brother free and made so many mistakes trying to make that happen. I thought it was very self aware of Shi to recognize that he wasn’t responding to all teh carnage the right way. That he had some of the deranged personality going on. Which I totally understood. He was a little kid who all of a sudden became an adult. But while he may have looked like an adult, he was never actually as adult. So, to make the sacrifices he did for his brother is really rather stunning. So complex this storyline is for him.

DeShonda: And that’s what I really liked about this character as well. I really loved how Shi was very close to Ka Suo and he really wanted to make him happy. He did make a lot of mistakes along the way in order for this to happen. And yes, he was just a kid in an adult body so the mistakes he made can be justified. I really begin to feel sad for him especially after he became king. Everything just went downhill for him from that point on. As a character, I can respect him, the decisions he made, and the love for his brother.

Wendilynn: Between his jerk of a mother, Mr Banished and Flame, he really was put in some rough spots. And then he didn’t handle it well by keeping everything to himself. Once he finally told all the secrets, I knew Ka Suo wouldn’t abandon him and I was so glad to be right. But to finagle it so that they got revenge on Flame prince, his mother was rescued and then taking himself out of the equation so he couldn’t be used as a tool as well as giving his brother his powers…. I mean… dang.

DeShonda: Poor Shi did have a lot of people pulling him all over the place. I was very happy that he finally told Ka Suo everything. I think we mentioned this last time that for Shi to be holding in everything is not good for him and I think we both agreed that he needed to confide in Ka Suo. And of course Ka Suo would still love him and consider him a brother no matter what, so that I was not worried about at all. I must admit, Shi played a good hand when it was all said and done. Very well played Shi...Very well played.

Wendilynn: Very. His hand also forces some interesting changes for everyone. Such as Ka Suo and our Dream Weaver finally deciding they need to see into their ancestor, She Mi’s memories. That was a revelation! I really did not expect this story to take this turn, I really didn’t.

DeShonda: That was a cool scene when Ka Suo and the went to see his ancestor That was definitely another twist that was unexpected, but I liked that was added in the storyline.

Wendilynn: I also liked it. I was sort of taken back by the idea that instead of the realms trying to struggle for control and deposing the crazy tribe, there was actually only 1 immortal in the beginning and the other tribes gained powers to fight against his ruthless rule. And how in the hell do you forget how the tribes gained their powers in the first place? Yes, 10,000 years have passed, but that seemed sort of important to remember given that these guys all live for a couple thousand years or so at a time. It's not like we puny humans who lose important information if there’s a major plague.

DeShonda: That was very interesting and you brought up something that I was thinking as well. I am not sure how they forgot how the tribes gained their powers. I am sure we will find an answer to this question soon.

Wendilynn: Well, we certainly were given a bunch of answers in these episodes. Now we have everyone taking the fight directly to Sacred Snow Mountain so that they can find special lotus to make some new wishes. Sort of off topic, but can I say how sexy our Ice Flame crazy guy is? I was sort of having trouble not reacting to him on a very female level. Lol Yes, he’s the bad guy. A crazy bad guy, but damn. Lol Why is everyone gorgeous in this show? I mean.. really.

DeShonda: I am looking forward to seeing what happens at Sacred Snow Mountain. I am wondering where the strange guy at the end will lead them. He says he knows how to enter, but I have a feeling that there may be some trouble around the corner. OMG! The Ice Flame King is gorgeous! I was fangirling big time. I think that every guy in this drama is beautiful, bad guy or not.

Wendilynn: Yes, they are. One could almost get a complex. She Mi told Ka Suo that the mountain held many magic mysteries they could draw upon, so maybe in some way, this will be one. What I’m curious about is how Yan Da following them in secret could change things. Once she knows about the wishes, I bet you anything she will wish for Shi back. Not whatever wish for power her dad wants.

DeShonda: Yan Da will definitely stir up some trouble along the way. I can almost bet that she want’s Shi back and it may happen. I don’t think she is going to listen to the Flame King at all, Yan Da has her own agenda and I have a feeling she want’s to avenge Shi’s death as well.

Wendilynn: The enemies are lining up and the good guys are almost outnumbered. And there was no way you could see any of this coming. I have to admit to being intrigued. Dramas often lose it at the halfway point and this one not only kept it going but did a total 90 degree left turn.

DeShonda: I must say for the length of this drama, it always kept my interest and kept me on the edge of my seat. I am glad it never really lost steam and the storylines became more complex with an occasional twist or turn here and there.

Wendilynn: For a drama this long, that is really a trick, too. I can’t wait for the new episodes.

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