Hello and welcome back to the Ice Fantasy Drama Club. In these episodes Ka Suo and the others battle the South Guardian and North Guardian, In their search for the West Guardian, they discover that he or she is one of their own, leading to betrayal. Join Wendilynn and I as we discuss these and other topics in this weeks episodes of Ice Fantasy.


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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 Wendilynn: Last week we left our group dealing with South Guardian and when they left I thought that maybe she was on their side, but boy did she come back with a vengeance. These guardians seem rather loyal to Yuan Ji. She was so willing to keep up the pretense of saving her lover then face the truth or even his truth.

DeShonda: Exactly! The South Guardian turned out to be a very tough opponent. And I noticed right away the guardians loyalty to Yuan Ji. She would do anything to save her lover indeed. She was very dedicated to him that’s for sure.

Wendilynn: I don’t quite understand why they believe him. He’s the king of deception and his needs come first. Why they believe he’ll honor his word is beyond me. Ultimately she lost everything, which is a good thing. Killing others to keep resurrecting her dead is a tad gruesome. When they got to facing the North Guardian, she was just evil. I was so glad they had Dreamer Princess to help guide them. But she seemed a target for everyone. I loved how everyone was willing to protect her. She was a little sister to them all.

DeShonda: The North Guardian was very evil, no doubt about that. The Dreamer Tribe Princess was needed in order to defeat her. I also noticed that the other guardians were very focused on her and I didn’t understand why at first. I said to myself she must have something they all want. Everyone had to protect the Dreamer Tribe Princess and I liked that as well. I didn’t want anything to happen to her since she took her brother's place.

Wendilynn: She was so loved by her brother that everyone else loved her too. Although that relationship has always seemed a little too close to be comfortable. But, when she died, after all that we went through to help her live, I just felt heartbroken. I was glad to see that Poison girl and Healer were getting closer through all this. Watching them walk around handcuffed together just gave me all sorts of feels. So when we entered the 4th guardian’s domain, and they found themselves in that village, my emotions were feeling so raw.

DeShonda: The death of the Dreamer Tribe Princess was sad and one I didn’t expect to happen. I was hoping she would make it to the end. I absolutely loved Luna handcuffed to the Healer Tribe Prince. I really ship these two characters and I think they compliment each other rather well. The village on the way to the West Guardian was very suspicious from the start. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, but I was on the edge of my seat. Something seemed too good to be true when they were there.

Wendilynn: Well they walked into the most dangerous place they could find, so I was expecting bad things to happen. I just wasn’t expecting this many bad things to happen. I was so happy to see Bear and Eagle come to an understanding. When Eagle gave Bear the golden armor, I just about cried. Eagle knew how much Fairy loved Bear, but Bear knew how much she loved Eagle, too. I should have known what was coming after that. Dumb show.

DeShonda: Indeed, it seemed like everything went downhill from there and I was not ready for any of it. It was a very touching moment between the Eagle Tribe Prince and the Bear Tribe Prince. They both really loved the Fairy Tribe Princess a lot. I knew the love triangle would get messy, they always do, but they did seem come to terms with one another. But I didn’t expect anything horrible to happen after that exchange.

Wendilynn: Horrible is a good description for the rest of these episodes. I just did not see any of it coming either. When Shi’s life was falling apart, we knew it was supposed to happen. I was in knots, but it was expected. This was not expected in any way shape or form. At one point I had no idea what to believe. Everyone was dying and I didn’t know what was real, what was a dream, was was planned or what was deception. I couldn’t trust what my eyes were seeing.

DeShonda: I felt the exact same way. I was an emotional wreck and in tears watching these episodes. I didn’t think everything that happened was a dream. In fact I was wondering why is this happening to my beloved characters. I don’t want Ka Suo to be the last man standing I feel like he needs support. Although he might have to battle alone when it’s all said and done. But I don’t want to think about that right now. But what really surprised me was the Dreamer Tribe Princess. I did not see that coming at all. Talk about expect the unexpected! She really shocked me this week.

Wendilynn: Hands down a total shock to the system. Yuan Ji was very clever in that he picked people to be his guardians who would create emotional trouble for Ka Suo and crew. I just never thought for one horrible moment that little sister would choose to join him as the final guardian to save her brother’s life. I could understand making a foolish choice in the heat of the moment, but she really seemed to think that her brother wouldn’t feel betrayed by her actions. Thanks to her we lost Bear and Eagle Tribe Princes and their souls got fed to the Veiled Lotus. Which just makes me feel sick to my stomach. Her tricks seemed so cruel in light of everything they’ve gone through.

DeShonda: I can understand her wanting to save her brother’s life as well. But she didn’t think of the outcome this would have on the relationship with her brother. And I was happy when the Dreamer Tribe Prince told her that he does not forgive her. She betrayed Ka Suo and you don’t betray the king. I just didn’t expect her to make a deal with the devil that is Yuan Ji. The way that situation went down was just wrong. And the outcome was very very sad. I am still in my feelings about it.

Wendilynn: I’m just thankful not everyone died, BUT…..there is a tricky sticking point that has me feeling sick to my stomach. And that is how they are “preparing” Veiled Lotus to wake up. Did you catch what Yuan Ji said? That in order for Veiled Lotus to open it has to be fed a royal soul from each of the tribes. That means when the tribes joined Shi Mi 10,000 years ago to defeat Yuan Ji, they had to sacrifice someone in their tribes. And now the only ones to sacrifice are those joining Ka Suo on this quest. HOW are they going to deal with that sick twist? And HOW do you not remember to tell your descendants that little tidbit? I mean, the more we find out about what happened when they defeated Yuan Ji, it makes me wonder how in the world they could forget to pass on these tidbits of information. Maybe that’s what was behind Shi Mi leaving his memories behind? But not even he seems to have prepared Ka Suo for that one.

DeShonda: Yes I did catch what Yuan Ji said regarding the Veiled Lotus. It’s very scary, in fact it’s so scary that our Fire Tribe Princess is shaking in her boots too. This is going to be very interesting as these episodes continue to progress. I am not expecting anything because at this point there have been so many twists and turns. But I am glad that the Fire Tribe Princess gave Ka Suo and the others a warning before they venture inside. Good looking out Fire Tribe Princess. I think she is going to be a key player in helping them out as well. We will just have to wait until the next episodes to see what will happen.

Wendilynn: Well, I think Yuan Ji has miscalculated in his dealings with Lotus. His reluctance to resurrect Shi will turn her against him. She only cares for her son. She will stab him in the back first chance she gets. But you’re right, the next episodes will be interesting. We have no way of guessing what way this drama will go. Maybe if we had read the book we’d have a clue, but as it is now, there is just no way to guess what this story will make us go through. You know, in so many dramas that are this long, you have a problem with them trying to fill up space and so they throw in random weird stuff. But we do not get this in this show. Everything fits. It’s been unexpected, but at no time have I felt that any part of this story was inconsistent with the overall storyline.


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