Hello everyone and welcome back to the  Ice Fantasy Drama Club. In these final episodes we discover that Li Luo and the Mermaid Princess realize their memories are switched, The Flame King continues to go on a rampage by killing everyone which starts a war, and Ka Suo figures out the truth of the Lotus. Join Wendilynn and I as we discuss these and other topics in the finale of Ice Fantasy.


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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Wendilynn: The greed of Yuan Ji and Flame really got out of hand in this series. So much suffering because those two were power hungry. This show really didn’t pull any punches. No magically happily ever afters for anyone.

DeShonda: The both of them were indeed very greedy. It was very sad to watch everything that transpired because of Yean Ji and the Flame King. While it was upsetting to watch, there were no happy endings at all. I was hoping to get at least one out of some of the characters.

Wendilynn: The girls get their memories back? But the Veiled Lotus was very clear that greed came with gains and losses and this story really showed that. It was just hard to watch everyone die. I thought it was hard when we lost Bear and Eagle but we lost the whole crew except Dreamer Xing Jiu. It was true irony that when Lotus was asking Ka Suo to trade three lives for the memories of Shi, Li Luo and Mermaid, everyone was dying anyway.

DeShonda: Ok that was a good thing that happened when the girls memories were switched back. And the Dreamer Tribe Prince has been my favorite throughout this series and to see him live with all he has been through was a glimmer of hope for me. But no way would I have expected everyone else to die. It was very sad to watch them one by one get picked off. I hated that the Lotus made Ka Suo choose and I was wondering who he would pick. I knew that Li Luo and Shi were obvious choices but it was so hard for him to choose.

Wendilynn: It's a zero sum game asking him to give up people he values for other people he values. Especially as their conditions aren’t particularly life threatening. Freezing, aside. My favorite character has been and always will be Shi. From earnest little brother to demented Ice Flame tribe member, his journey was amazing and tragic. All he wanted to do is love his brother and man, everyone else just wanted to abuse him. This show stripped everything from him. He didn’t even get to keep Yan Da. As soon as the Flame Ancestors said that the flame tribe would cease to exist for 10000 years, I knew we were in trouble for any type of happily ever after for Shi. This show put him through hell. And while Ka Suo learned that there was nothing to win by trading wishes, he didn’t get to impart that wisdom to Shi before Shi high tailed it off to go save his brother by finding the Blood Lotus.

DeShonda: I enjoyed Shi’s story as well. I liked the development of this character throughout this series. He has come a long way from that little boy in Episode 1 to growing up fast and becoming the Ice King. There were a lot of times that I felt sorry for him because he did endure a lot. I knew something bad was going to happen as well when I heard what the Ancestors said too. I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to go well for Shi.

Wendilynn: This story, for all its loss was so superbly told. I was hooked till the end. I wasn’t expecting what happened to the Mermaids, or what the Old Ice King would do to fight Flame and bring him down. There were just so many unexpected moments. You just could not see them coming. Maybe if I had read the book, I’d have a clue, but this show was just so real. Yes, Shi’s story broke my heart but he went on a believable journey. There were no points that I felt were crazy just to fill in dead parts.

DeShonda: That entire situation with the Mermaids was completely unexpected. I was very shocked to say the least. I was excited to see what the Old Ice King would do to the King Of Flame. I knew that would be a good battle. After watching this series it makes me want to read the book as well. Just to compare how both are told. From what I understand the book and series mirror each other mostly, but I know there are some details in the book that we may not have watched on screen.

Wendilynn: It would be interesting to see what we might have missed. The consequences of greed were put on such amazing display. Yuan Ji and Flame had their greed turn them insane. Lotus’s greed and need for revenge lost her any chance of happiness and lost her her only son. Shi’s greed to see his brother free put him in even more compromising situations that allowed others to abuse him even more than they had already planned to use him. Mermaid Princess’s greed caused so many problems. Everyone had something that made them greedy with the possible exception of Ka Suo. Although, he had no intention of losing Li Luo. It was also touching how most in turn was willing to sacrifice for what they loved so much. Without even flinching.

DeShonda: The Flame King’s greed was very insane. It was scary to watch him basically killing and eating everyone who crossed his path. But you are right everyone in this series had something that was making them very greedy. Greed is never a good thing as it is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Nothing good comes from being greedy at all. Ka Suo and Li Luo were not greedy at all. In fact I would describe them as humble and that is one reason why I like these two characters as well.

Wendilynn: They were humble and kind. Which drove me crazy in moments when I wanted Ka Suo to be more bold, but in the end, he was able to save those he loved, to some extent. Watching him sacrifice himself, telling Ti Jian to take his power back if that would heal him broke my heart. When Ti Jian finally returned to being Shi, I wanted to cry. Okay.. I did cry, but the performances were just so good. Ma Tian Yu is going to be a favorite of mine from now on.

DeShonda: I agree that Ka Suo should have put his foot down a bit more and been more aggressive. He was able to save the ones he loved and that was a good thing. That scene you described was very heartbreaking and sad. The entire cast did a great job in this series. And Ma Tian Yu did an excellent job. The end of the series did leave room for a sequel which I hope that happens. I did not want this story to end.

Wendilynn: It really left the ending open. Normally that irritates me, but with the new photo stills of a potential sequel set in modern times, I’m willing to go with it. After all the Flame Tribe needed 10000 years before they could exist again. If Yan Da is coming back, we need it in modern times. I get all tingly thinking about a sequel because I really wasn’t ready to say goodbye to this story.


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