What's it like to marry in the fantasy world created by Ice Fantasy? The drama reaches a pivotal turning point when Prince Ka Suo (Feng Shao Feng) marries his beloved Li Luo (Victoria Song) in a fairy-tale wedding. The happy occasion even earns a rare smile from Prince Shi (Ma Tian Yu). Even if you haven't followed the fantasy drama, you've got to visit the fabulous wedding in the palace and see the bride's exquisite wedding gown. Take a look!

SPOILER ALERT: The wedding occurs in episode 36 in the fantasy drama. You will see highlights from the fancy wedding and learn more about what happens before and after the celebratory event.

Prince Ka Suo finally wins approval from his parents who have objected to his beloved Li Luo, an Envoy of the Guardians. It is the first time that an Ice Tribe royal will marry a mortal woman, and we get to see how customs from the two different realms are combined.

The day begins when Prince Ka Suo visits Li Luo with a bouquet of fresh flowers. When he reaches the Guardians' camp, he is told that he needs to give her a betrothal gift according to the local custom. What will he give her?

He gives her a hand-woven bracelet encrusted with jewels. The bracelet brings back fond memories for the couple and symbolizes their eternal love.

Then it's time for the fabulous wedding to begin:

Isn't the wedding beautiful?

The happy occasion even earns a rare smile from Prince Shi (Ma Tian Yu).

Darkness looms, unfortunately, as the happy occasion presents a turning point in the story.

Before the day is over, Mermaid Princess Lan Shang (Madina Memet) will unleash her jealous rage and turn happiness into unimaginable pains.

Ice Fantasy stars f(x)'s Victoria Song as a female warrior who falls in love with Feng Shao Feng's Prince Ka Suo of the Ice Tribe. Singer-actor Ma Tian Yu stars as the enigmatic Prince Shi. Find out how these characters cross paths with destiny.


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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