It's winter in New Zealand, but it doesn't stop warmhearted and hotblooded Korean top actor Kim Soo Hyun from taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Let's watch our favorite 400-yea- old alien of My Love From Another Star' get ice cold wet.

The video begins with Kim Soo Hyun saying, "Hello, everyone, I'm Kim Soo Hyun. I'm filming in New Zealand now. I hope my small effort will give help through this activity, and I hope more people will join the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign."

He then nominated actors Jo Jung Suk, Lee Hyun Woo, and musician-actor Ok Taecyeon of 2PM.

Kim Soo Hyun visibly shivered and breathed hard as the ice water drenched him. Outside, the weather in New Zealand was probably about 50°F because it's in the winter there now.

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Update: Here's Taecyeon's response. I love how he tells the cat to hurry!

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So what do you think about Kim Soo Hyun's challenge and Taecyeon's response? Have you received a challenge too? What did you do?Let us know by posting your comments, and don't forget to support ALS awareness through these challenges.