Now this is for all you gamers out there, or actually, for anybody who knows a gamer well enough to make them some very special game controller-like chocolates.

Eating chocolate and playing video games sounds like the perfect combination, especially for those who need some sweet sugar to pick them up for the next five hours of playing. A creative company has decided to go one step further by letting gamers actually eat game controllers by developing a silicone ice tray/chocolate mold that can make chocolates shaped like the controllers themselves, anything from a Playstation to NES controller. And it doesn't have to be just chocolate. Since it's just an ice tray, you can make sorbets, jello, or even popsicles!

I can just imagine the gamer with munchies who gets to devour a sweet, cold chocolate controller WHILE sitting in front of his or her television. That just sounds like video game heaven to me. But hardcore gamers have to be careful. Hours and hours of playing may make you delirious, and you may find yourself devouring the actual controller while the chocolate one sits on the floor next to you.

Available at Think Geek for only 10 dollars a tray.

Silicone ice tray

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Controller ice cubes!