A 40-year-old cafe in Kyoto serves something only it can, attracting dessert lovers from all over Japan.

The city of Kyoto is known throughout the world for its history and ancient beautiful temples. But Cafe Karafuneya in Kyoto, itself around for over 40 years, is known for something that has nothing to do with the city's rich past. It serves parfaits. All sorts of them. And by all sorts, I mean the ingredients AND the size. On the menu is over 200 parfaits, everything from sweet whipped cream, banana and chocolate parfait to fried shrimp parfait. Yes, that's right. Fried Shrimp! The shrimp apparently is perfect for when you've had too much of the ice cream and the sweetness. That somehow sounds like it makes sense. I mean, I'd go eat fried shrimp somewhere else first, then come here for a regular parfait, maybe, but all in one? And corn dog parfait??

Parfait galore:

Whipped cream, banana, chocolate parfait:

Green tea yogurt parfait:

Pancake parfait:

Shanghai parfait:

Fried chicken parfait:

Corn dog parfait:

French fries on left, fried shrimp on right:

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And it's not only the ingredients this place is known for. The cafe is also known for its giant parfaits.There is one that has 16 different fruits and 18 flavors of ice cream, weighing over 8 kilograms. It's obviously not for just one person, but that sounds like Guinness Book of World Records level.

Another giant parfait:

Nothing like gluttony after visiting a 1000 year old Buddhist temple.