Nothing lasts forever. It may be fans of the manga Naruto in Japan who are feeling this principle the most, as it has been announced that the iconic manga will come to an end on November 10.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump, Naruto, which boasts 70 volumes of separate manga books, a circulation of 130 million, and an incredible 15-year run out of the 50 for Jump, is officially going to be no more. For fans who have faithfully read the episodes in Jump every single week for the last fifteen years, this is a pretty big deal, as you can imagine. When these long-lasting manga end in Japan, life changes for many as routines of daily life come to a close along with their favorite manga. The realization that something you think will last forever actually doesn't is hard for anybody, no matter what. And for hardcore fans of manga or anime, it's probably a little extra tough.

On November 10, for the first time in 15 years, the last page of that week's Naruto in Jump won't say "to be continued."

A month later, Naruto the Final, a feature animation film, will premiere all over Japan on December 6, and, as the title says, this really is it. Fans will flock to theaters to see how it all ends.

Nothing lasts forever.

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