Japan, for years, has been exporting a number of its original snack items all over the world, and some have become quite well known. But out of all these snacks, one stands out as possibly being the most popular, both in Japan and overseas. That mouthwatering snack is called Pocky, originally just a chocolate stick, now coming in many different flavors. Starting November 17th, there's actually going to be a store in Tokyo that will make a chocolate drink out of Pocky for you, and they'll do it right in front of you.

Pocky, made by Ezaki Glico Corporation, the snack manufacturing giant, has been around since 1966. Most every child in Japan has had a taste of chocolate, strawberry, and almond Pocky. It was already an iconic snack when I was a kid, over thirty years ago. Since then, Glico has come up with many different flavors, such as grape, green tea, honey, and many, many more. I remember putting my box of Pocky in the freezer as a kid and eating the sticks like ice cream. Writing this is making me remember the taste, the feeling...I may just go buy some tomorrow!

But if I was in Tokyo, I could eventually just go to Tokyo Station, walk through the shopping center, and head on down to the official Glico Kitchen, the only one in all of Japan. There, I could order myself the Chocolate Latte Pocky Blend and literally drink some liquid Glico Pocky sticks, all for 380 yen, about four dollars.

That just sounds too delicious.

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Original Pocky

Glico Kitchen