Halloween is almost here, and that means that our minds naturally turn to all kinds of creepy, scary creatures, including zombies. After writing about Steven Yeun, everyone’s favorite Korean zombie survivor, I got to thinking about traditional zombie movies and the stock characters who seem to crop up in almost every single one. If you suddenly found yourself in the middle of your very own Kdrama zombie apocalypse, which characters would you want on your team? Here are my picks:

Character 1: The action hero

How can you have a zombie apocalypse without a zombie-killing leader? This guy is a rough-and-tumble hottie who can fight off the undead ten-to-one without even breaking a sweat. He may be a little arrogant, but he needs that arrogance to pull of saying cheesy one-liners after disposing of a particularly difficult zombie.

My pick: Kim Hyun Joon, Iris

Can't you just imagine him saying something like "You're a virus...and I'm the cure" with a totally straight face?

Lee Byung Hun could play a role where he was just reading the phone book, and he would still be my first choice. His skilled intelligence officer in Iris is the perfect combination of cocky and cool to lead my zombie team.

Character 2: The pretty bimbo

You need someone who can be eye candy for the male viewers—until she wanders off by herself to go to the bathroom or something and gets her face eaten off. She may not be the sharpest pencil in the pile, but the zombies don't seem to mind.

My pick: Oh Yoon Joo, Lie to Me

Laugh it up, Yoon Joo. You won't be stealing any more men once the zombies get you!

Yoon Joo is certainly pretty enough and charming enough to be the object of initial flirtation for half of the male characters. I also wouldn't miss her much if she disappeared early into the show.

Character 3: The tough chick

Every zombie team needs a balance to the bimbo. This girl isn't cutesy or flirtatious, but she's practical, serious, and may have a softer, romantic side just waiting to be discovered. She's the counterpoint (and sometimes true romantic interest) to the action hero, and she doesn't mind dropping a few one-liners of her own.

My pick: Kim Hang Ah, King 2 Hearts

She can shoot. She can fight. She can strategize. She doesn't get flustered in a conflict. There is no one better suited to a sudden zombie outbreak!

Character 4: The sage old man

This guy has been around the block a few times. He's useless in a fight, but he's still filled with all kinds of wise tidbits, from musings on the universe to relationship advice.

My pick: Jung Ha Myung, Dream High

Okay, so he's not even that old, but when it came to sage wisdom, this guy was like the Grandmother Willow of the dance world. He somehow knows everything about everyone five minutes after he meets them. That's the kind of insight you need for post-apocalyptic fireside chats.

Character 5: The comedic relief

You need the easygoing buffoon to lighten the mood every once in a while. This is the guy who cracks the first zombie joke that everyone foolishly ignores—until people start to die. If you’re really lucky, he might actually survive to the end!

My pick: Hwang Soon Bum, Vampire Prosecutor

With his mix of sarcasm and physical humor, Soon Bum kind of reminds me of a Korean Jack Black. He's the perfect choice to ease the pressure of impending death. He may not be the most physically fit character out there, but he's actually pretty handy in a fight. All the better to protect your zombie-proof bunker!

Character 6: The survivalist

Every zombie movie has this guy: the one who has been stockpiling weapons and food in his hut for years, just waiting for a chance to shoot something with a crossbow. He gives off a little bit of a crazy vibe (okay, a LOT of a crazy vibe), but without him, you would all be dead within five minutes.

My pick: Ri Kang Suk, King 2 Hearts

So basically, the entire cast of King 2 Hearts would be great for this job. C'mon, you know Kang Suk has a stockpile of weapons hidden somewhere. That guy was built to kill people--dead or undead. Just don't bring up his Girls' Generation obsession, and you should be just fine.

Character 7: The best friend-turned-villain-turned-zombie fodder

Sure, the survivalist might get a little scary from time to time, but every real zombie team needs a good, old fashioned traitor. This is the guy who starts out as your best friend, ad by the end of it all, he's shooting little old ladies in the leg to give himself a head start. Don't want him on your team? Don't worry--those zombies will eventually catch him!

My pick: Yong Tae Moo, Rooftop Prince

If pretending to be friendly while also trying to murder people were an Olympic sport, Tae Moo would get the gold. Fortunately, as the show taught us, he's pretty terrible at actually making people stay dead, so that's kind of a relief. What Rooftop Prince fan wouldn't love to find him in the middle of a zombie pack? While we're at it, can we toss in Se Na for good measure?

Who would you keep for your Kdrama zombie team? Who would you swap out? Which character would you like to be? Comment below!

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