It seems that a certain McDonald's in Taiwan is getting a lot more customers than other franchises in the area, all because of a worker who has now become an internet sensation, christened by her fans as the cutest McDonald's goddess in the history of Taiwan.

Apparently, Wei Han Xu, also known as Wei Wei, is just as surprised as anybody else with her sudden internet fame. The fact of the matter is that she already had a number of hardcore fans in Taiwan and on the internet who have been following her ever since she was photographed cosplaying at her McDonald's during last Halloween. But out of the blue, a photo of her out of costume and working her shift went viral, and she now has over 56,000 followers on Instagram. And with how much business her McDonald's has been doing lately, some of these followers must have been making the trip out to the restaurant on Jianguo South Road in Da'an District in Taipei City. She literally has fans flocking to her work, lining up and ordering from her as though she was a huge celebrity!

Wei Wei is a college student and part-time model as well, even having appeared on game shows on television. So even though she's surprised with her sudden worldwide fame, she's also enjoying it. Her boss better be thinking of a raise if he wants to keep her serving McNuggets.

If you want to follow Wei Wei and all that's going on in her life, her Instagram is

Yes, she works in heels.

The origin of her fame, Wei Wei as a maid.

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