This Saturday, we bid farewell to the romantic fantasy series Absolute Boyfriend. Viewers have been entranced by Guan Xiao Fei and Wan Ni Te's unusual love story that left us all in tears in 2012. I say we need a remake to recover from the shock! Would we get the happily ever after we crave if South Korea remade the manga inspired series? Well, if a K-drama remake became a reality, here are 7 stars who would be perfect in the main roles. 

1. Wan Ni Te (Ji Soo)

He is doing an incredible job playing the role of the good cop in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! Ji Soo has proved time and time again that he' up for the challenge of playing the protector while being sensitive to a lady's feelings. We can never forget Scarlet Heart Ryeo's incredible Prince Wang Jung! Plus, Ji Soo is beyond sexy. I'd say he fits into the "perfect" boyfriend role of Ni Te!

2. Guan Xiao Fei ( actress Park Hye Soo)

Gu Hye Sun did a good job as Xiao Fei in 2012, but since she is a married lady now I think it would be great to give another talented star a chance. Rookie actress Park Hye Soo is quickly making a name for herself in the industry as South Korea's lovable girl-next-door. Her innocent yet quirky appeal in My Shy Boss alone makes her the perfect candidate for the naive Xiao Fei character.

3. Zong Shi (actor Kang Ha Neul

Who doesn't have a crush on Kang Ha Neul these days? Besides the fact that he is 100% lovable, I feel he can excel in the role of the childhood friend who relentlessly teases Guan Xiao Fei, but is secretly in love with her. His shy boy roles in Like For Likes and Angel Eyes gave him great practice to play the immature Zong Shi. 

4. Luo Mei Jia (actress Krystal Jung)

Best friend turned mean girl is the only way to describe Mei Jia. I think Krystal has what it takes to perfect the seemingly good girl role with a twist. Her roles on Heirs and My Lovable Girl prepared her for it. Who wouldn't want to be besties with Krystal in real life? 

5. Yun Fei (Red Velvet's Joy)

Joy is doing such an amazing job as the good girl in Lovely Love Lie; I can't wait to see her play the antagonist role in another production. Maybe she can even sing another song for the soundtrack too! Yun Fei is controlling and very attracted to Xiao Fei's robot boyfriend. It's a role you love to hate, but who can blame her for crushing on the perfect guy? 

6. Lei Wu Wu (actor Kim Woo Bin)

He is nowhere near a ahjussi type, but Kim Woo Bin proves he can easily play the slick villain character. Wu Wu tricked Xiao Fei into buying her robotic boyfriend and demanded she pay for him. Kim is excellent at playing the gangster! Why can't he become the eccentric con-artist with an ulterior motive? We can get another glimpse of his comedic side as well, because Uncontrollably Fond still has us in tears.

7. Sky (SHINee's Key)

He proved himself as a breakout idol turned actor in the hilarious Let's Drink last year. I'm still having a K-drama hangover from that show! What better way to expand his acting career on-screen than take on such a lively role as Xiao Fei's co-worker Sky. His bromance with Ji Soo would probably beat Park Hyung Sik's Strong Woman Do Bong Soon one hands down! He could even make a great contribution to the OST too. 

What do you think of my fantasy recasting? Are there any more stars you would love to see cast in additional supporting roles?

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Image Credit: Key's Instagram