The third installment in the hit fantasy film franchise Divergent hits theaters this weekend! As fans line up to watch The Divergent Series: Allegiant on the silver screen, I can't help but wonder what the movie would be like if K-drama stars took the lead, so I have listed eight stars below who could definitely slay the famous roles.

1. Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley)

Park Shin Hye

Is there a role she hasn't mastered? Park is incredibly dauntless when it comes to taking on new characters and pretty much becomes each one. Tris is a pure divergent, just like Park.

2. Four (Theo James)

Kang Ha Heul

The Twenty star isn't afraid of a challenge! He has taken on TV, films, and live theatre, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The character Four is all about facing new challenges head on. 

3. Caleb Prior (Ansel Elgort)

Lee Hyun Woo

The Moorim School actor looks so sweet, innocent, and timid on the outside, but his strong acting skills blow you away. I say he is a perfect Caleb.

4. Christina (Zoe Kravitz)

Lee Sung Kyung

She did such a great job as the bad girl in Cheese In a Trap! I would love to see her fight for a good cause in Allegiant.

5. Peter (Miles Teller)

Kim Woo Bin 

He loves playing a bad guy onscreen, and the role of Peter is pretty much a rebel. Who doesn't love seeing bad boy Kim Woo Bin on screen?

6. Johanna Reyes (Octavia Spencer)

Kim Hye Soo

The Signal star is lovely and strong with a career history that spans three decades! Johanna has the first two characteristics and an interesting past we all want to know more about. 

7. Evelyn Johnson-Eaton (Naomi Watts)

Choi Ji Woo

The Twenty Again actress proved time and time again that she can play the innocent, clueless, and evil roles effortlessly. You need all of these characteristics to portray Evelyn.  

8. Director David (Jeff Daniels)

Park Hae Jin

They may not be the same age, but K-drama fans have to agree that Park's role as Yoo Jung on Cheese in a Trap gave us goosebumps. His poker face didn't line up with his sinister ways. The character David is so underhanded it's scary! 

Which K-drama recasting is your favorite?

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Images Source: The Divergent Series Facebook Page