Just this week, some of us watched Disney princesses singing their classic songs in their native languages. Now, thanks to a talented artist from Canada, we can see the women from Disney as what they would look like if they were all from the 21st century!

So if Disney princesses were millennials, what would they look like? Canadian artist Anoosha Syed, a children's book illustrator and character designer, wondered exactly the same thing, and she decided to just draw them so she could see for herself. The resulting illustrations are awesome, as each princess has turned into a modern day young woman, complete with new looks and even new jobs! Anoosha made sure to have her princesses bring something from their films, and they sure all look pretty comfortable and confident in their modern personas. Mulan even cut her hair!

For more of Ayoosha's illustrations, you can visit her website at http://www.anooshasyed.com.

1. Mulan the cadet

2. Snow White the social media queen

3. Merida the punk rocker

4. Pocahontas the linguist

5. Jasmine the travel blogger

6. Esméralda the ballet dancer

7. Ariel the anthropologist

8. Belle the fangirl

9. Tiana the entrepreneur

Which one was your favorite?


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