The news that Fox plans to develop an American adaptation of Answer Me 1997 caused quite a bit of internet buzz recently. And really, we shouldn't be surprised by Fox's interest, as there are so many American television shows that could learn lessons from K-dramas (like capping them at 20 episodes instead of way too many years). And that got me thinking. What would a show like Fox's Glee (full disclaimer, this was a show I watched and loved for far, far too many seasons) be like as a K-drama? Daebak! It would be amazing.

Are you ready K-drama fans? I am about to prove why I should be the third Hong sister.

A singer with a heart of gold

1. In my K-drama version of Glee, Rachel Berry wouldn’t be a self-absorbed diva, but instead, she would be a spunky, hard-working girl with a heart of gold. She sings at the tteokbokki restaurant her widowed mother runs and the customers swear that their food tastes better because of the music she sings while she cooks. She dreams of helping her little sister get a life saving operation and fights against a malevolent landlord trying to tear down their store. My vote for casting would be Park Shin Hye. Because any excuse to have Park Shin Hye sing is a good excuse.

A misunderstood chaebol looking for love

2. A K-drama version of Finn wouldn’t be a dumb jock, but a smart and spoiled chaebol who is being groomed to take over his family’s luxury hotel business and secretly dreams of being an idol. They are also trying to build a luxury hotel in one location, but a pesky tteokbokki restaurant won't sell (see what I did there). K-drama Finn's life is lonely, and he spends his nights singing alone at a karaoke bar. his character would be played, often shirtless, by Lee Seung Gi because he can sing, cry, and smolder on screen.

The second-male lead, also looking for love (and probably way nicer about it)

3. What is a k-drama without a second male lead? In my imaginary version, he’s the leader of the choir and his father is a famous violinist. His father disapproves of them singing pop music, but promises that if he can win Regionals he will support his son by securing him a top spot at a prestigious conservatory. Also, his father is the first love of our diva with a heart of gold’s mother, because TWISTS. He recruits K-drama Finn after hearing him secretly singing at aforementioned karaoke, and then, as they argue about joining the choir while eating at Rachel Berry’s restaurant they hear her singing to the spicy rice cakes. She agrees to join because the prize money will pay for her sister's operation and save the restaurant. Ba-zing! Love triangle, anyone? This character would be played, also often shirtless, by Kang Ha Neul.

Unleash the Bromance

4. This is a K-drama, so we need bromance. Our two shirtless leads may both be fighting over Park Shin Hye, but they are also discovering the powerful bonds of friendship through song. I smell a shirtless duet! And it smells delicious!


5. If this is a K-drama, we also need comedic sidekicks. I vote for Lee Kwang Soo and Park Kyu Sun as the respective best friends of our first and second male leads. Both are forced to join the choir by said besties, and both compete for the attention of their mutual crush on #6.

The other woman

6. What's a K-drama without competition. Not a cheerleader in K-drama land, but another heiress who is out for our chaebol--she just needs to get him to stop singing long enough to pay attention to her. In her desperation, she will even plot against the diva with a heart of gold. She would be played by Krystal because if Running Man taught us one thing, it is that this world needs more of Krystal.

Watch an adorable guardian angel who suddenly becomes human survive the perils of high school and first love in High School-Love On
The most evil Sue Sylvester ever

7. This is a K-drama, so our Sue Sylvester will have to be twice, nay, three times, as devious. Also, they should probably have murdered someone once. Who could go tracksuit to tracksuit with one of the better villains of contemporary American television? Hyun Bin, that’s who. And the man can sing. He should be the chaebol's daddy, willing to stop at nothing to get that tteokbokki restaurant, even if he has to sabotage Regionals and crush his son's dreams.

Who will be our Will Schuester?

8. Who will lead our ragtag group of misfits to win Regionals, help them find true love, and save the tteokbokki restaurant? A failed idol singer turned choir teacher played by Rain! Plus it would lend more opportunity for shirtless duets with Hyun Bin.

The rest of the misfits

9. We still need the ragtag group of misfits who also make up the choir. If we want to throw every K-drama trope in the book in, we could have a girl pretending to be a boy, an orphan with aphasia, and someone who can see ghosts. I would also love to see a character like Hoya's Joon-hee from Answer Me 1997 to take on a role like Kurt's in Glee. And Hoya is an idol, so we know he can sing!

So there you go, I just gave Glee the full K-drama treatment. And, okay, I know this is all in my head, but come on, this would be so good! And at twenty episodes, we wouldn’t have to watch the writers fumble awkwardly with moving half the cast to New York, or in this case Gangam.

So this is my take on it, but who would you cast? And better yet, what songs would you want them to sing?

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