Mean Girls was a hit all over the world when it came out back in 2004, and it still continues to be a teen classic. It's actually going to be its 10 year anniversary on April 30th! If it were ever made into a K-Drama, it would probably be amazing. Here is my dreamcast for the crossover!

Cady Heron - Park Shin Hye

With Shin Hye's kind personality and youthful looks, she would be the perfect actress to play Cady Heron, the good girl who goes bad for a bit.

Regina George - Yoona

Yoona is such a nice person, but I think she'd be able to pull off playing the mean, fierce, and glamorous Regina George.

Karen Smith - Sulli

Sulli is just plain adorable and she could totally pull off playing the beautiful, innocent, but slightly dumb Karen.

Gretchen Wieners - Nana

Though Nana has little acting experience, her 4D personality makes me think that she could play the role of Gretchen and make us all laugh! Plus she's gorgeous.

Janis Ian - Amber

Amber is just about the coolest person, and I think she'd be the perfect person to play the rebellious but lovable Janis Ian.

Damian - Kwanghee

Kwanghee knows just how to make everyone laugh. With his comedy skills, he would make us all die laughing just like his character in To The Beautiful You.

Aaron Samuels - Ahn Jae Hyun

Jaehyun was super cute as Song Yi's little brother in My Love From Another Star, and he'd be the perfect flower boy to play the always popular Aaron Samuels.

Ms. Norbury - Song Ji Hyo

Ji Hyo would be amazing in the role of Ms. Norbury because she is hilarious! I can just picture her in Ms. Norbury's vests from the movie.

Now who can we talk to about making this happen? If only this could be a real thing. If you have other casting choices you think would fit, put them in the comments below!