If you only had time for one last phone call, who is that special person you'd want to call to say farewell? Your spouse, a lover, a dear friend, or perhaps even your tax accountant? The truck driver in this photo recently had to make one such phone call, and guess who he called.

This photo shows the aftermath of a scary accident that occurred in Sichuan province of China. A car was trying to pass the truck in front but hit it instead. The truck veered off and ended up hanging over the bridge, very likely to fall off. Stuck inside the truck, the driver realized he might meet his end and made a desperate final phone call.

Instead of calling 911, he called his aging mother and calmly told her not to wait for him for dinner as he would be home late. When she asked why, he didn't dare say anything else because he didn't want her to worry.

Fortunately, we have a happy ending. Mr. Yang, the truck driver, survived this freak accident. Local firemen arrived at the scene and were able to rescue Yang and later used heavy cranes to pull the truck back up.

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When the story of his last phone call was revealed, people were impressed by the filial son and his calm manner in time of crisis. They also started thinking about who they would call.

We certainly wouldn't want anything to happen to anyone, but what if you were facing a dire situation, who would you call?