CGV Theaters claims to be the “first 4D movie theater” in Seoul. Basically, this movie experience is similar to the Universal Studios ride experiences, which include all types of crazy effects like fire, wind, water and 3D objects flying straight at your face. So for two hours or so, your comfy seat with a foot rest will be doing all sorts of fun things.

Not only will you be watching in 3D, but you’ll be able to experience scents, water, vibrations, and even winds so you too can feel like a cast member, and upgrade your experience to 4D. But hold on a second! Before you go rushing to the box office, make sure you don’t have any heart issues, back issues, are a 3 year old, or pregnant because this is not for you! One person even said it was fun up until the punching scenes of a movie because then it just became painful. (o_0)

Umm whaaat?! This all sounds great on paper and I can deal with it for 5 minutes but you want me to sit through two hours of my seat jerking around?! I can’t even take the landing on an airplane without having to use a barf bag (-_-). What if you’re watching a movie based on the history of UFC? Does this mean you’re going to leave the theater all beaten and bruised? I can just see the tweet now “4D movie was awesome! Gotta pick up a pain patch now! #IFeltOneWithTheLead”

But if you’re just “aching” to go, a ticket for this experience will only set you back about $16.00.

Enjoy the show!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE