Dubbed by the media as the “Spanish Downton Abbey,” The Time In Between is the perfect show to fill the summer void left by the end of Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife. Set during the World War II era, the drama is filled with forbidden romance, political intrigue and anti-Nazi espionage. The Time In Between is one of the most popular television dramas in Spanish history, and now it will be available to watch with English subtitles on DramaFever.

Based on the New York Times Bestseller "The Time In Between" by María Dueñas, a talented young seamstress's life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself pregnant, alone, and penniless after following her lover to Morocco during the Spanish Civil War. As Spain's alliance with Nazi Germany deepens, she takes on a new identity and becomes an in-demand haute couture stylist for the wives of Nazi officials. But soon she becomes swept up in political intrigue when she becomes a spy for the British Secret Service, placing coded messages in the seams of her dresses to help the Allies win.

Starring the stunning and talented Adriana Ugarte and the distractingly handsome Rubén Cortada, Entertainment Weekly calls The Time In Between, "a delicious spy drama chock-full of intrigue, sex, betrayal and politics set against the exotic backdrop of Spain and northern Africa."

Along with the draw of an enthralling storyline and stellar acting, the drama is irresistible to period costume enthusiasts and history buffs.

The Time In Between has broad appeal that is likely to create new interest in the largely undiscovered talent coming out of Spain. Watch the premier for free on July 4th, exclusively on DramaFever.