Ever thought to yourself, "Ahhh, I wish my life was something different"? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should swap your normal life for one in a K-drama, and 5 reasons why you're probably better off not even thinking about it.

Pro #1: Everyone around you would be good looking, including you.

Hate going to school/work because it's just the same old everyday wherever you look? Well, what if you were surrounded by people who looked like this at school:

Or you worked for bosses who looked like this:

And you looked like this:

Well, life for some reason is starting to look up now! ;)

Con #1: Wanting to marry the love of your life becomes a life or death situation.

Yeah, forget anything about finding that 'love of your life' or 'the perfect one' because chances are that you won't find them and have them that easily. Scary parent-in-laws, conflicted love rivalries, and the disapproval of the whole world are going to be against you and the love of your life. Yes, they may seem worth it since you love them so much, but if you could see the future and the rocky journey you will have to embark on to get there, you may just think twice about it.

Pro #2: Every testosterone/PMS pumped situation can be solved with a simple wrist-grab-and-drag-away action.

If only it could solve ALL of your life problems! If you're ever stuck in a sticky situation, your friend/potential love interest can just drag you away, because what else can you do? 'Talk it out,' did you say? Pfft! Remember guys, in K-drama world, talking apparently can't get you anywhere!

And if wrist-grabbing doesn't work, how about charming them to sweep them off their feet? Thanks friend...I think?

Con #2: Car accidents, amnesia, and incurable cancers are the new fevers, colds, and flu.

Goodbye safe and healthy life. You will forever be threatened by these 'viruses' on a day to day basis. I am aware that it may happen in our real lives, but the difference is the fact that these are just as contagious as the common cold in a K-drama. You are guaranteed to be caught with one of these dilemmas in your life FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. *Shiver* How frightening~

Pro #3: You would either be filthy rich, or end up marrying someone who is.

It is a bit of a broad statement to make, but after seeing numerous dramas this year about poor girls meeting rich boys, I think I'm not too far off in assuming that this may happen to you. The possibility is high that you will marry the son of some rich father (who is the CEO) and a rich mother (who is probably vice-CEO) of a huge corporation they both own, and they pay for everything you do! Well girls, aren't you lucky? And for the disappointed guy readers out there, there are still scenarios where a rich girl can pick up a poor boy too *wink wink*.

Con #3: Say bye-bye to a proper, smooth, and happy love life. Oh, and steamy kisses too.

The title says it all honestly. Remember con #1? Yes, there is that, but don't forget that your sweet and romantic moments may become history too. Pressing lips briefly for 2 seconds is your new 'steamy kiss'...and 2nd base. *Shiver* I wouldn't want that...would you?

Pro #4: Forget anything else, a forced kiss solves all life's problems.

Watch: A shy, nerdy young woman wakes up in the bed of a prince in Last Cinderella.

Remember how I mentioned that wrist-grabbing solves all testosterone/PMS related situations? Well, forcing a kiss on someone can solve all other problems that don't seem to fall in that category. In the K-drama world, kisses are the solution for making the other person forget anything they were thinking, saying, or planning to do seconds before you kissed them. This superpower is most effective when the opposite person is screaming at you; they instantaneously stop screaming and stand still, silently.

Con #4: If you're a female, you are guaranteed to be super unlucky, clumsy and awkward when it comes to love. If you're a male, you are just as bad at expressing how you feel, and clueless as to what to do in love.

There are plenty of K-dramas out there to prove this point. It seems as if fate has already determined this for everyone...Geez, I may not be an expert when it comes to love, but thinking that I would be stuck with such a guy, and the guy would have to be stuck with me being like that...not cool guys, not cool.

Pro #5: We'd all have our own OST playing in our day to day life

A song would usually play in the background when a certain important or special moment occurs. Imagine this: You are getting ready to go to work/school and someone knocks at the door. You open it to see that it is your boyfriend/girlfriend huffing and puffing as if they have ran through a horde of zombies just to get to you. They lunge forward at you and kiss you square on the lips. Cue “Moment” by Changmin from 2AM. Awwwww~ He/she pushes you backward through the door, and closes it behind them…what happens next is up to your imagination *wink wink*.

Con #5: If you and everyone else's lives were K-dramas, then what would we ever watch again on DramaFever?

Yep, what would we watch if our lives became K-dramas? *Gasp* No...does that mean we have to go back to watching that thing called 'television'?

*Clears throat* So, what other great (or not so great) things could happen if your life was a K-drama? Leave me your answers in the comments below; I'd love to read them! Also, what songs would you want in your personal OST? For example, for me if I'm getting ready to go to work or something, I can just imagine "St. Agnes and the Burning Train" by Sting playing in the background, a.k.a. Gwang Soo's pitiful theme song on Running Man, LOL!

Yami Hyunnie is a young blogger who is overly obsessed with Asian Pop Culture, and likes to share this with other fellow netizens on her blogsite Asia Reviewer Maniac. Likewise, she loves to share her undying passion for dramas and anime on DramaFever.