A must-visit for anybody who's ever waited in line to eat ramen, the "Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum" is a ramen heaven on Earth.

Open for over twenty years, this museum in Shin-Yokohama is pretty much the center of the ramen universe. A trip here will not only get you educated on the history of ramen, but you can go downstairs to the virtual downtown Tokyo of 1958 and eat at any of the nine ramen shops set up. The sky of the virtual neighborhood is designed as if it was dusk, making customers feel as if they were strolling through a typical Tokyo evening over 55 years ago. 1958 is known as the year the iconic instant "Chicken Ramen" went on the market, and also the year Tokyo Tower was built. Rockabilly was in, pro-wrestling was huge, and there was a hula hoop boom. It was a good time in Japan.

Eating ramen at this museum isn't just about the bowl in front of you. It's about the history, culture and feeling of what it was like to be in Japan in 1958, a time when ramen became a part of everyone's life.

The entry fee is about a hundred yen (a dollar) for kids and three hundred yen for adults. Try to avoid the weekends and holidays, because Japanese people love ramen, and the lines are looooooong.

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