Hurry up, space fans! Yahoo Auction, the Japanese version of eBay, has the spacesuit worn onboard the first-ever artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, for sale, and it will only set you back about 120,000 dollars.

Can't find that specific thing you're looking for on eBay? Looked all over Google? No reason to give up. There's still hope. If you can type in Japanese, look no further than Yahoo Auction, where you can find a whole different market full of anything and everything you may want.

eBay has some pretty strange things for sale, but a real Soviet spacesuit worn by an astronaut on Sputnik? A seller in Japan put this up for sale, and if you have an extra 120,000 dollars laying around, you can get that exchanged for some Japanese yen and buy yourself your next Halloween costume. It even comes with the actual seat.

So far... no bidders.

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