The seven members of iKON knew they wanted to perform some memorable covers for their second show in Seoul, but their outfits may be even more memorable.

After a rousing cover of their sunbaes BIGBANG's "Bang Bang Bang," Jinhwan started things off as he walked out on stage in a long brown wig (which he had a lot of trouble keeping out of his face) and a pink dress. He was soon accompanied by the rest of the members dressed similarly to perform a cover of "Me Gustas Tu" by GFriend.

Jinhwan even took a dive on stage — either a gentle tease of the time GFriend fell all over the stage at SBS, or him just being himself. (Jinhwan tripped on stage at this year's Melon Music Awards and iKON's debut concert). 

What do you think, iKonics? Do you like when your favorite boy band members dress up as their favorite girl group members?