Yoo Seung Ho plays a young chaebol who is surrounded by enemies. The distrust of everyone around him has created an allergy to human touch. One that could be deadly. He comes upon a private development group who has created a robot that is very cute and adorable, and our young chaebol can’t help but crave her company as she can’t make him sick. There’s only one flaw…. The real robot is broken and a human double is standing in. Can our research team fool our young chaebol long enough to pass inspection before an even bigger deception is created? Join Drama Debussie and me, Wendilynn, as we check out these first episodes of the sweet comedy I’m not a Robot.


I'm Not a Robot

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

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Drama Debussie: Eight episodes into this series and I’ve already asked multiple questions. Is that a police baton he’s carrying? How scientific is Kim Min Kyu’s point system? Do I need to throw out that curry that’s been sitting in my kitchen for a while? So many questions!

Wendilynn: LOL!! Curry can be dangerous so you might not want to risk it. I find that he’s using a police baton really funny. Why is he using that instead of a cane or other type of stick? And I get that he saw the real robot the first time, but I think Jo Ji Ah has given herself away so many times that I'm starting to think he’s ignoring the red flags due to his desperate need for companionship. I mean, dude, when you start giving your vacuum cleaner a birthday party, it's time for a shake up. Lol

Drama Debussie: GREAT POINT! For someone who has clearly been blessed with a relatively high IQ and cursed with a necessary ability to sniff out deception around him, he has missed her not-so-subtle clues that she’s human. Granted, the fact that her touch doesn’t lead him running for whatever is in those shots can be misleading but, as you mentioned, his need for companionship has led him down that river called denial. That being said, CAN WE BLAME HIM? How horrible to lose your parents at such an young age in an absolutely horrible way, then be immediately betrayed by everyone around you. While I don’t agree with how Min Kyu treats some people, I do understand how that would force anyone away from the comfort of people even before his allergic reaction began.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on this. His story as it unfolds is totally understandable. He comes across as a rich psycho, but then you find out about the level of betrayal he’s dealt with since being a kid and you get why human touch gives him the willies. I’m don’t blame him at all. And it's clearly psychological, which I’m sure is what his doctor thinks since he’s not nearly as concerned that he’s going to die from it as Min Kyu thinks.

Drama Debussie: Definitely psychological. As horrible as the reaction is, I’d almost go as far as to say it’s a blessing in some cases. Most of us assume the worst thing that can happen with our first loves is to be friendzoned but, clearly, that’s not the case. How about being sent into anaphylactic shock by your first love who’s putting you into ultimate friendzone territory by saying that she’d marry you if that meant that she’d get more money out of the deal? Ouch. That’s the kind pain that that’s worse than 1...2...3 shots.

Wendilynn: Well, they haven’t seen each other much and have only corosponded through letters and emails I’m assuming. I was actually glad to see her be so upfront with him. We so often get the second female lead who is double crossing pretending she’s in love. This time, she’s so upfront, its refreshing. He will always know where he stands with her. And he’s clearly considering it. I was also glad to see Kang Ki Young as Representative Yoo Chul. I happen to like this actor and he always plays geeks and nerds, so I’m excited to see him play a character with a little more style. That being said, I really hope he’s not as dirty as we think he’s being. He clearly wanted Min Kyu to be his brother when they were little. He was sincere in his friendship. I’m hoping that it's still in there somewhere.

Drama Debussie: I think it is. However, in order for them to get back to the friendship they had as children, Yoo Cheol would have to not only accept who his father is but he would also have to stand up to him. That’s a tall order seeing that he’s so obedient. I’m actually looking forward to that if that happens. Part of growing up is seeing people, including your parents, for who they are and stepping away from their shadow to make your own decisions in your life. Min Kyu was forced to do that early on but now he’s having to learn to accept that not everyone is out to destroy (or kill) him. These are all hard lessons when so many of your experiences tell you otherwise. That’s why Ji Ah is such a great match for him. She means well and she sees the good in others.

Wendilynn: I don’t think he’s going to react well when he finds out he’s being deceived again, though. I’m afraid his issues will only get more cemented. I really hope she can get out of pretending to be the robot before we get to that point. (not counting on it) Now, can we talk about the truly funny parts of this show? The humor keeps sneaking up on me and laying me to waste. The crab scene in episode 8 slayed me. And frankly, that was a hilarious bathroom scene. I loved how she blamed her fart on him. I was not expecting that at all.

Drama Debussie: The humor really does sneak up on you, and thank goodness for that. It’s a great indication that the drama doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s always appreciated. Especially when we’re dealing with a premise such as this. I was particularly a fan of the “Damn It” folder. It’s appropriately named considering the information that’s being filed into it. What a hilarious mistake!

Wendilynn: I’m with you on that one, very funny. There are quite a few tropes at play in this, including the bumbling….what would you call them? They aren’t quite thieves, but they aren’t quite detectives working for our bad guy either.

Drama Debussie: They reminded me of the thieves from Home Alone so I just call them the Wet Bandits lol

Wendilynn: That’s brilliant and perfect. Wet Bandits, it is! Lol

Drama Debussie: Yeah, they are particularly weird which is an accomplishment seeing that very few characters in this show could be classified as normal. I knew we were in for a ride when it was revealed that Dr. Hong Baek Gyun not only created a robot, but modeled it after his ex-girlfriend who just so happens to be Ji Ah. I admit that I was a little freaked out by that, but now that it’s setting the stage for this weird competition between Baek Gyun and Min Gyu over Ji Ah, I’m kind of glad it made so easy for Ji Ah to take the robot’s place. I’m waiting for the episode where Baek Gyun finally admits he’s still very much in love with her.

Wendilynn: There are at least 3 love triangles in this show. We’ve got Baek Gyun, Min Gyu and Ji Ah. You have Baek Gyun, Ji Ah and Pi. And we have Min Gyu, Yoo Chul and Riel. If we want to throw in who wants ownership of the robot, you have Min Gyu, President Hwang and that American guy. One could get whiplash if you’re not careful.

Drama Debussie: Preach. As of writing this, we have 24 episodes left so it’s a good thing we have so many triangles to dismantle. I’m particularly looking forward to when Min Kyu finally realizes that not only is Ji Ah the “robot”, but she’s also “President Jo” whom he’s been arguing with from the beginning of the show. It’s all very Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. We can only assume/hope their story will end with the ultimate reveal and Min Kyu will be patting Ji Ah on the head instead of a golden retriever.

That’s our review for the first 8 episodes. What did you think of the beginning of this story?

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