Min Kyu and Ji A have bonded and no amount of metal can hide it. The seriousness of putting Min Kyu’s life at risk by exposing him to a human unknowingly has finally come home to roost and the team is heartbroken and feeling responsible. But more than allergies have been risked and Min Kyu and Ji A’s hearts refuse to be torn apart from each other. In order to keep Min Kyu alive, everyone is going to reset the situation… or at least, they will try. President Hwang and his son have other plans. Join Drama Debussie and I, Wendilynn, as we talk about these episodes of I’m Not a Robot.


I'm Not a Robot

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

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Drama Debussie: I don’t know about you, but I was more than ready for the reset button to be pushed on this show. There seemed to be a desperate need from all the characters to find reality.

Wendilynn: I was too, but when we got to that scene where he was going to reset her, I just melted all over. I didn’t want them torn apart and so I was so glad when they met up again on that train. I laughed when everyone kept going on about the world ending.

Drama Debussie: It certainly felt like the world was ending. Seeing Min Kyu reset Aji 3/Ji Ah was the end of this fantasy world we had all been able to live. Min Kyu had lived this structured life that he had created and Ji Ah had become a big part of that. This life had allowed him to find out that he not only could trust someone, but gave him enough confidence to go out into the world. Or at least go to the office. I appreciate that their relationship was symbiotic. Ji Ah may have given Min Kyu the confidence to live a life outside his allergy-imposed boundaries, but he gave her a sense of purpose.

Wendilynn: They both really benefited from this situation. From her heart-ball presentation to him listening to everyone complain about him, which was hilarious. I’m glad he didn’t fire everyone and just understood everyone who was whining. There were so many cute and warm moments in these episodes. Even if their hearts were breaking.

Drama Debussie: UGH, ALL THE ANGST! It was almost too much to handle. Was I the only that was practically jumping out of my seat when Min Kyu sat across from Ji Ah on the train? My skin and I were almost separate entities from each other. After so many close calls, it was a welcome event, especially when we got to finally see them interact as, technically, strangers.

Wendilynn: Yes, the train. Oh my gosh, the train was awesome. I’m glad they had all set up that line about her being the model. (which she was, even if she didn’t know it first) That way they could all be consistent. They should have clued in brother dearest though. I however, loved that they were locked in the garage. So cliche, but they really needed that time to talk about Aji and put her behind them, even if they didn’t know that’s what they were doing.

Drama Debussie: SO TRUE. It was absolutely adorable watching him tell Ji Ah about Aji 3. He was so animated and it was evident how special his relationship was with her. It gave Ji Ah an opportunity to not only see how positively affected he was by their time together, but she got to see him truly happy. That’s one thing that struck me about Ji Ah. She genuinely wants him to be happy but she can’t see how she would play a role in his happiness. Understandable seeing that there’s a huge difference between a master-servant relationship and a possible romantic relationship between two people who have a HUGE secret between them. Oy vey, I am not looking forward to when Min Kyu has to deal with the emotions that come with finding out Ji Ah was Aji 3 the whole time.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, I had to make my son hit the play button when it became clear that episode 24 was going to be our reveal episode. I hope I’m not the only one who freaked out when big brother tried to call Min Kyu and come clean. I was like, “no, no, no, no, no…” lol But in the end, he found out a totally different way.

Drama Debussie: LOL Some people watch horror films to cringe while waiting for the next scene, we watch dramas. I love that the series had begun to explore mistakes that the characters have made. They seem to have become aware of them and are ready to accept the consequences of those mistakes. That’s the only thing you can do really. Sometimes, it’s not about fixing a mistake, but about accepting that a mistake was made while resolving to do better in the future. Even though we still have a long way to go, it’s great to see so many of the characters showing some growth. I have to admit I’m particularly invested in Ye Ri El and Hwang Yoo Chul. Not just for their possible romance, but the inevitable defying of their fathers which is a big step for them. Obviously it’s going to take Hwang a little longer to get there, but YAY for Ye Ri El telling her father she wouldn’t marry Min Kyu.

Wendilynn: Its too bad Yoo Chul was drunk that day and made a fool of himself in front of Yeriel because then he would have learned that he had won the game. And I think we wouldn’t be on the crash course that we are now on with those three. And you are right, defying the dads will be hard on them. Her dad is basically a decent guy, in comparison to evil President Hwang. I feel sort of sorry for Yoo Chul but I don’t feel he really understands what’s going on either. He thinks he knows, but not really. I see him turning on his dad as he learns about how involved his Dad was in killing Min Kyu’s dad.

Drama Debussie: Yep, there’s a lot of truths that have yet to be told but they’re clearly bubbling under the surface. Or maybe they’ve just been stored away in a folder with the password sandwich.

Wendilynn: First and foremost, we have to get Min Kyu to trust Ji A again. Nothing else matters until he realizes his love was returned.

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