Well, drama clubbers, we’ve reached the end of this adorable journey, and I'm Not a Robot clearly couldn’t let us leave without having ALL the secrets flow out like the Han River before we said goodbye. As painful as the process may have been, Min Kyu’s understanding of how everyone lied to him in some shape or form was necessary, freeing, and brought home a fact about life. We hurt each other. It’s inevitable. However, those that hurt us and our ability to forgive them makes for a well-rounded existence.


I'm Not a Robot

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

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Drama Debussie: First thing first, THAT KISS!! Please tell me I was not the only one having vivid dreams about that kitchen kiss between Min Kyu and Ji Ah. Sure, we got a few kisses in this series, but if awards were given for great drama kisses, that one would be a contender!

Wendilynn: Amen and Hallelujah! That kiss was phenomenal. As Kdrama kiss scenes go, that one was added to my top ten list. It wasn’t static or frozen and heaven forbid they actually opened their mouths a little.

Drama Debussie: Yes! There was actual bottom lip suckage! That’s rare in this magical dramaland forest. That kiss is basically a unicorn! But I digress. Speaking of rare things, there was a marked change in all of our characters that I couldn’t help but appreciate by the end of this series. Min Kyu’s avalanche of truths that came crashing over him almost sent him back to the lonely existence he assumed was always meant for him, but seeing all the people around him fight to stay in his life was touching. More than that, it was touching to see how important Min Kyu had become to this ragtag gang of misfit scientists. All of the people that spent so much time avoiding emotional connections ultimately gained the strongest connections of anyone else in the series.

Wendilynn: I think it helped that his doctor was on the side of Santa Maria. He also knew that they were good people and he cared about them. That helped him get over being angry at them. Love has a way of helping you forgive those who are really decent people. Which he needed to learn to do. He couldn’t continue to go through the world thinking everyone was out to get him. I have to admit, that I cried quite a bit in these last episodes. Especially when Ji Ah kept going to his house, trying to let him know they still cared. I bet you he would have warmed up faster if she hadn’t been wearing those gloves all the time. She was trying to protect him from herself, but he didn’t see it that way.

Drama Debussie: Awwww. It was almost as if Ji Ah and Min Kyu had to reacquaint themselves with each other after all the secrets were told. There was a barrier that neither one of them could lean on anymore, and it’s terrifying not to have that safety net. The hardest part for them was revealing the truth. As soon as they did, and the feeling of betrayal had subsided, it was like they slide right into the affection they always had for each other. Of course, it was better because they didn’t have to hold back because of the whole human/robot problem. I have to say the truth came out just in time because even though it was Robot Aji3 instead of Human Aji3, I didn’t want anyone or anything to have to spend time with creepy Mr. Martin *shivers*

Wendilynn: Mr Martin and his engineer were very creepy. I almost felt like Aji 3 would be violated instead of just dismantled. I loved when she escaped and then rode the bus. That was just adorable. I also loved that Aji 3 recognized that being with Martin was not in her best interest and she escaped to go back where she would be appreciated.

Drama Debussie: Absolutely. She just wanted to go home. It’s funny because while the scientists designed her so that she could learn from her master, it seems that she gained something that everyone else gained. A sense of worth. When you know you’re worth, you’re practically unstoppable. She was determined to return to the place where she found her identity, and she did. Ji Ah’s feeling of uselessness slowly but surely was pushed to the foreground giving her the courage to turn her inventions into a business. I love how they did that! I think everyone realized their worth in some way. Even Yoo Chul and Ri El. Two people that even I found myself rooting for and I did not expect that at all.

Wendilynn: They made us like those two from the beginning and I’m SOOOOO happy that we were able to continue liking Yoo Chul and Riel. I loved that both of them got on board in the best way once they knew what was really going on. I hate when they make the second leads the bad guys. And the kids were able to keep the dads in check. The dads don’t get it at all, which I thought was actually an interesting tidbit. It was clearly a generational difference too. Did you catch that? As if the older generation of executives were running under a different ethic then the younger ones were.

Drama Debussie: The new generation escaping the corrupt ideals of the older generation is always a great thing to see. It means there’s a better horizon ahead. It means there’s hope. If there’s one thing this show has in spades, it’s hope. I’m glad that this series wasn’t just concerned with ensuring the characters saw success in their careers, but also in their personal lives. You don’t always need someone to make you whole, but there is something to be said for having someone there to push you to try while also acknowledging that you tried if you you happen to fail. There’s also something to be said for the wet bandits coming through at the last moment, letting their stupidity help instead of hinder. See? There’s hope for everyone in this show!

Wendilynn: I loved that they even let the Wet Bandits have a happy moment. The nephew having his crush on Aji 3 was really cute. And when everyone finally showed up to rescue them, I just loved that everyone confirmed Aji 3’s belief that they were where “home” was for her. She was designed to have good relationships with humans and she knew where she had to be to have it. In many ways, that was a theme to this story.

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