Here we are at the midpoint of this series, and it's safe to say there’s a glitch in everyone’s system when it comes to trust. Understandable when you start mixing real human emotions with robots. It’s a dangerous combination. The bigger glitch seems to be many of our characters’ inabilities to let go of the past so that they can move into the future. It’s a tall order when so much of how they see the world has been framed by what they’ve experienced with those around them. Join Wendilynn and me, Drama Debussie, as we explore the latest episodes!


I'm Not a Robot

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

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Wendilynn: The sexual tension of these episodes has been both fun and aggravating. Dr Hong’s inability to stay out of it got annoying for me, but then I want a happy ending for our OTP. I loved how cute Min Kyu and Ji Ah are together, but after that amazing kiss, their mutual heartbreak was just as hard to watch. Mind you, watching Yoo Seung Ho acting like a girl freaking out over his first kiss was a riot.

Drama Debussie: The rollercoaster of emotions is certainly, well, a rollercoaster. I’m rooting for OTP’s happy ending as well, but just as soon as the threat of being seperated was resolved... *BOOM* Here comes Dr. Hong FINALLY admitting he has unresolved feelings for Ji Ah. Also, *BOOM* here comes Min Kyu’s internal crisis about swooning over what he thinks is a robot. I swear, for every step forward it seems like something is thrown our way that sets us five steps back. To be fair, it would’ve been impossible for there to be any progress forward with all the denial with which many of these characters live.

Wendilynn: True. Everyone needs to get their issues on the table and deal with them. I especially liked how Min Kyu won over the science team by cooking for them, talking about his parents and showing how much he loves his machines. Although, I honestly thought that they’d freak out a little when he was losing it over his broken vacuum cleaner. But, I should have realized that they would understand having feelings for machines. Even friendly ones.

Drama Debussie: Isn’t it interesting how they’re all quickly becoming close? At first I thought they were forming a friendly circle but now I’m starting to think this is more of a weird family. There’s a familial dynamic that all of them need in some way. Min Kyu is lonely as we know, but the show also posits that he never got an opportunity to know how to establish close relationships that weren’t based on business or obligation. I’m also a little intrigued by Baek Gyun and Pi’s dynamic. Am I the only one who feels they have an odd parental role within this group? Baek Gyun may be making final decisions but Pi is the sage that points everyone in the right direction. It’s something that makes me root for them in a way I didn’t see coming.

Wendilynn: They are the mom and dad of the group even if Baek Gyun doesn’t understand that Pi is in love with him. I really like Pi, she understands things pretty well and helps where she can even though she’d rather not. I also liked her scene with Min Kyu when he came and visited the shack and was confused by seeing the robot. Their link between Ji Ah and the robot has really worked so that responses are consistent even if behavior has not been.

Drama Debussie: Those consistent responses will hopefully help Min Kyu finally realize that Ji Ah is real. We’re only halfway through and I’m SO ready for him to know the truth. However, I know that he’s currently on a journey to reveal the truth about his past, so the truth about Ji Ah has to take a backseat. It’s necessary. His attachment to Riel is a perfect example of why. He lives so much of his present life hanging onto his past. Riel was a big part of that but, as we found out with the birthday cards, much of what he thought was real with her was a fabrication. Traumatizing to realize but we can only hope that he’ll finally understand that she was his first infatuation, not his first love. The sooner he can let go of the things he’s convinced himself were real, the sooner he can see what’s actually real.

Wendilynn: I think I really like Riel and Yoo Chul. Clearly they love each other and she doesn’t want to admit it yet. I like that Riel is a straight shooter for the most part. I’m hoping that her unwillingness to screw Min Kyu over will help Yoo Chul choose the right. His dad is a snake, but I don’t think Yoo Chul actually is one. I know we are only half way and so we have more hurt coming and I don’t really want to do it even though it will be good for everyone. Min Kyu is going to be so angry when he realizes the truth. They did potentially put his life in danger, although unknowingly. And with that nonsense about being a con artist, this test subject switch doesn’t help anyone. At least Min Kyu knows that Dr Hong wasn’t a real con artist so that once the truth comes out, he won’t have that prejudice coloring things. Hopefully.

Drama Debussie: With the exception of a few bad eggs, I don’t think anyone in this series is necessarily horrible. I think everyone is trying to find their own path but much of what they continue to hang onto stalls that process. What I love most of this show so far is that its characters just want to be loved and appreciated. They’re entirely human wants and needs that are so completely relatable.

Wendilynn: I think that’s what makes this show so adorable to watch. Our core team of characters are really good people who just want to be appreciated and loved.

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