Bundle up, courtesy of Im Siwan. The warmhearted singer and actor gave away 100 brand new coats to his fellow cast and crew members from Misaeng. Photos of the production team receiving their colorful coats were shared online recently.

“Even though Im Siwan is very busy, it is evident that he cares about every single member of the staff," a spokesman from the production team stated. "It was a surprise to receive this present, but I have been more surprised by his benevolence. I will make it my duty to style him well in the drama!” 

See Shin Ha Kyun as an elderly chaebol who ages in reverse in the romantic comedy Mr. Baek:

A rep from his agency made the following announcement: “Im Siwan wanted to show his gratitude to all the actors and staff who have been working hard in the cold weather to produce the drama. So, we prepared this present. He chose the colors red and green because he thought it would look festive with Christmas on the way.”

The Triangle actor can be seen in Misaeng every Friday and Saturday at 8:30PM on TvN.

His gift was too sweet! What do you think about his kind gesture? 

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