Pinocchio actress Lee Yoo Bi's father, actor Im Young Gyu, has been found guilty of obstruction of business. He will now serve 6 months in prison with two years of probation. 

Last year, Im was accused of causing a fight with fellow customers at a tent bar, and he refused to pay a taxi driver. Unfortunately, the veteran actor was drunk during both incidents. He landed in court following the reports. A judge overseeing his recent case stated the following: “While the accused is showing remorse, we took into consideration the fact that he has several similar instances on his record."

Actor Im Young Gyu was married to Lee Yoo Bi's mother, actress Kyun Mi Ran, for six years before they divorced. He made his debut in the industry in 1980 with MBC’s open recruitment.

I don't know Mr. Im personally, but it's possible that if he sobered up, he could have avoided prison altogether. Some people simply can't drink without acting out. He may be one of the good people who has to give up liquor to keep their cool.

See Lee Yoo Bi i Pinocchio:

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