Can you tell who did not belong in this group of celebrities? What happened was a hilarious case of two Chinese guys faking their way to walk the red carpet with real stars at the Beijing International Film Festival. They fooled just about everyone and even got interviewed.

The security at the Beijing International Film Festival is well known for being very strict. However, among the celebrities who paraded on the red carpet, there were 2 men who simply walked in.

It's not clear why or how they did it at the time of reporting, but they fooled everyone and even got interviewed. 

Look at how much fun they were having!

It wasn't until much later when the staff realized there were 2 extra people in that group. 

Were they seeking fame, or did they simply get tired of being spectators? The film festival security was naturally concerned, but Chinese netizens had a great laugh over this incident. Some even commented that the two impostors have demonstrated excellent acting skills and should be given a chance for real roles in a movie.

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