A woman in Shanghai found an abandoned baby 15 years ago and raised the baby herself. The baby had a serious skin rash and it took a while to get him well. This woman was not very educated and she couldn't figure out why the baby's skin was so dark and couldn't be washed 'clean,' but It didn't matter to her.

It turned out that the baby was of mixed heritage and the color of his skin made him stand out among Chinese people. It might have been the reason why the baby was abandoned.

She named the baby Zhu Jun-Lon, and raised him along with her own grandson. However, because she didn't understand the law, it's only recently that she registered the boy in her household, a legal requirement that every Chinese resident has to comply.

Granny looked at her old photo album and recalled that the baby she found from the field was covered with skin rash and she had to get medication for him three times a day. It took a week before the rash went down. But then she was baffled by the baby's skin color. No matter how she tried, it stayed dark. She said, "I washed him everyday and powdered him, but it was still dark. I never went to school, so I had never heard of mixed race or bi-racial children."

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When Zhu Jun-Lon was asked if he misses his biological parents, the 15-year old boy said that he used to miss them but doesn't anymore. Granny worked hard to raise him and will now formally adopt him, and he simply wants to treasure their fated connection. He seems mature for his age and is used to being questioned by strangers.

He continued, "Granny saved me, raised me, and is registering me as her own family. I am very grateful. When I grow up, I want to repay her kindness."