The bizarre news from North Korea only keeps coming. A North Korean student named Miss Kim, 20, recently gave photographer Eric Lafforgue an up close and personal look at life in the strict authoritarian country. On the tour, Miss Kim mentioned several odd beliefs such as thinking that hamburgers were invented in 2009 by Kim Jong Il, Mickey Mouse was created in China, and Lady Gaga is in fact a man.

Miss Kim also stated several times that she hated America. She was also shocked by technological advances like the iPad and Google Earth. While it's easy to paint Miss Kim as ignorant and unaware of life in the modern world, many of these lies have been told to her since she was born by the North Korean propaganda machine.

Said Lafforgue, "People like Miss Kim are taught this sort of thing from kindergarten, so in that sense, she's a perfect citizen. North Koreans don't see the disparity between what they think is good to tell us and what we can see for ourselves."