Hi Everyone,

In Japan and Korea, March 14th is White Day, the day when men who received gifts from women during Valentine's Day return the favor with gifts of cookies, white chocolate, stuffed animals or underwear. In observance of White Day, we wanted to present you with one of the most passionate, violent and twisted dramas of all times: Que Sera Sera. Today we uploaded the last episode of QSS and you'll be able to watch the entire series with only 1 advertisement per episode until midnight of the 14th. This series is about emotional abuse, the notion that love is a zero-sum game and that sometimes, you can even buy love (if you are looking for cute and funny, we recommend Samsoon, not QSS!).

There are two couples that comprise the main characters, but it is never clear who is sleeping with who as fidelity plays no part in this drama. Tae Joo is the player who always dates rich girls. Part of his charm is his good looks, but I think it's his aggressiveness and complete disregard for sense and sensibility that most women find attractive (so strange). Tae Joo meets Eun Soo by chance, this naive girl from a humble background who has that air of helplessness that many macho Koreans find endearing (even stranger). They start dating. Enter Hye Lin, daughter of the CEO of a large department store who was recently dumped by Joon Hyuk. Hye Lin pays Tae Joo to be her arm candy boyfriend and make her ex jealous. However, Hye Lin, the heartless princess, falls in love with Tae Joo (of course) and Joon Hyuk starts dating Eun Soo, who was dumped by Tae Joo to be Hye Lin's escort... and so the games begin (everyone is messed up, but don't hate the players, hate the game).

Happy White Day, ladies! Watch Que Sera Sera now! If you haven't yet, check out our trailer below: