If one has dreams of making it big as an actor, becoming a successful fashion model first seems to be the quickest way to make it. That may not be a realistic option for most people, but for these six highly sought-after actors, that clearly was the way to go. Check out six stars of Korean television dramas that are currently thriving as actors after their just-as-successful careers posing for magazine covers and walking down runways.

Acting is a craft, something to be learned through dedicated studying and training of the art form; but on the other hand, some find it easier than others, they have talent that not everybody has. For example, some actors may be able to just naturally go places in their performances that others can't, despite years of hard work and love for the craft. And yes, no matter what anyone says, looks are important. What an actor looks like determines the roles he or she gets, whether or not someone becomes a star or not. So it probably doesn't hurt to have style, striking good looks, along with some serious height. And to top that off, if you have talent . . . well, then you're bound for stardom. According to industry insiders, models have experiences that give them a special kind of confidence, along with the skills needed to express themselves emotionally in front of a camera.

So check out the six actors below, all of whom are former models that are now finding success on the small screen. 

1. Ahn Jae Hyun,, currently in Cinderella and Four Knights. Debuted as a fashion model in 2009.

2. Hong Jong Hyun of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. He began his career as a model in 2007.

3.Lee Tae Hwan — model-turned-bodyguard of W, he won Rookie Award at 2011 Asia Model Festival Awards and made his acting debut in After School: Lucky or Not

4. The prince Nam Joo Hyuk, also in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo with Hong Jong hyun. He became a model in 2013.

5. Lee Jong Suk of made his modeling debut in 2005 and became a small screen star in Secret Garden, School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, and Pinocchio.

6. Kim Woo Bin of Uncontrollably Fond, who made is runway debut in 2009.

Which model-turned-actor is your favorite? 


Cinderella and Four Knights

Starring Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam

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