Classes and lectures in college can either be sleep-inducing or eye-opening, and it pretty much depends on how interesting the professor makes the topic at hand. Students at a graduate school at Keio University in Tokyo are lucky enough to be able to look forward to every class, because their professor is a serious and dedicated cosplayer, who dresses with about as much passion as he teaches.

Kazuhiro Sugiura, who is an associate professor at Keio University's Graduate School of Media Design, takes making classes fun to a whole new level. Despite holding a teaching position at one of Japan's most well-respected institutions of higher learning, Professor Sugiura sometimes comes to class as whatever character he feels like, male or female. He apparently doesn't wear wigs or makeup during lectures, but he is a serious cosplayer outside of the classroom. He even makes some of his own costumes, with PVC, enamel and satin being his favorite materials. In case you are wondering, the classes Kazu, I mean Pietro Woo Hiyo Hiyo, teach are Computer and Internet Science and Otaku Culture. Well, who would have thought? I can only imagine how interesting his lectures are, but it must be hard at times to pay attention to all that he's saying. And if for some reason you happen to fall asleep in class, does he get upset at you while dressed as Sailor Moon? That I'll never know, but either way, his class is one class I wouldn't miss.

We are just finding out about him now, but Professor Sugiura is no new-generation type of educator. He has been entertaining and teaching students while in his favorite costumes since 1996. If there ever was a professor of the year award for universities in Japan, this man belongs on the list of nominees every single time.


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