Now you can live like an emperor in China's most expensive home— or at least you can dream. A palace-like home was just listed on a Chinese real estate site, claiming to be the most expensive house in all of China. With 32 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms, and almost as many breathtaking views, the lavish property can be yours for the bargain price of 150 million dollars. 

Located in Suzhou, a city west of Shanghai, this enormous and extravagant home costs more than any other in all of China. Aptly called “taohuayuan,” or “utopia," the property overlooks the large freshwater Dushu Lake. As seen in the photos below, the house is incredible. 72,414 square feet of pure emperor-style living, with koi ponds, a swimming pool, wine cellar and more. Despite its asking price of 1 billion yuan (150 million US dollars), there are quite a number of interested buyers, mostly from overseas. I'd be one of those interested buyers, too — if only I had the money. Guess I'll be sticking with my little one-bedroom in Queens. Oh well . . . 

Just look at the photos below. That's what you call luxury.


Les Interprètes - 翻译官

Starring Huang Xuan and Yang Mi

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