It's commencement season in Japan, where the academic year starts in April 1st and ends on March 31st. At Kyoto University, long considered to be one of Japan's most elite institutions, graduates were encouraged to attend in cosplay, and the parting seniors made sure to dress up as crazy as they could and make it a day that they will never forget.

Kyoto University is not only one of Japan's best universities, it's one of the top schools in the world. One of Japan's seven national universities, the school has produced many world class researchers in multiple fields of study and boasts ten winners of the Nobel Prize. So yes, Kyoto University is incredibly hard to get into. Only the smartest kids will get accepted into this prestigious school, and once in, there's plenty of studying, late night research, and writing papers to go around. But it's all worth it in the end, because the status of having gone to Kyoto University and completed four years there pretty much guarantees the type of employment sought after by so many. It's like being a Harvard graduate — you're bound to get a nice comfy job somewhere.

So for such an esteemed institution, you would think that Kyoto University would have a very serious and proper graduation ceremony. The opposite is true, however, as seen in the photos below of the cosplaying graduates of the 2017. Encouraged by school officials to attend commencement dressed any way they liked, hundreds of seniors showed up in costume and ready to party. Seen at the ceremony were Pikachu,a Kyoto University Identification Card, a Potato Chip, Jesus Christ, and a whole lot more!

Japan has a worldwide reputation for taking education very seriously, sometimes going a little overboard with how much it expects students to spend on academics. But like seen in recent years, many universities are letting their students graduate in style, which is fun for everyone involved. After all, the world of 60-hour work weeks and obligatory drinking sessions with your new boss and colleagues is just around the corner. Might as well have a little crazy fun before it all gets really serious all over again.

Congratulations to all 2017 graduates everywhere!


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