There's something about a woman who's no longer in her 20s — more often than not, she's seen some life, she's independent, and she's strong. She carries herself with grace and confidence. These 10 Korean actresses who are all over 30 are living proof that the older a woman, the sexier she can be.

Society has always been obsessed with youth, somehow equating health, beauty and desirability with how young an individual is or looks. Men and women all over the world make attempts to look younger than they are by any means necessary, purchasing all sorts of beauty products and/or working out at the local gym. But by now, we all know age is just a number, and how attractive someone is really all depends on how that person feels about themselves. It's about confidence, really. When a human being loves themselves, their beauty will radiate from within. 

Which brings us to the beautiful Korean actresses pictured below. They are all attractive individuals, and not just for the obvious reason that they work in a profession where appearance matters. They are all in their 30s, and some will enter their 40s before they know it. One thing they have in common, however, is the look of self-assurance, that they are proud of who they are, and they are comfortable in their own skin. All of us, whether we are males or females, and how matter how old we currently are, should feel the same way. We should all strive to be our best selves and proudly represent who we are right at this very moment. Because you'll never get this time back.

So embrace yourself, and love your age. And remember — try not to stare at the photos below for too long, because you may start wishing just for a bit that you actually were a hot Korean actress in her 30s.

1. Song Hye Gyo — One of Korea's most popular actresses is 35 years old and beautiful as ever.

2. Kim Tae Hee — Having just turned 37, this newlywed is looking towards the best years of her life.

3. Shin Min Ah — Began her career as a teen model, this beauty is already 33 years old.

4. Song Ji Hyo — Another former model, Song Ji Hyo doesn't look to be the 35 that she is.

5. Kim Hee Sun — Born in 1976, this actress has actually already turned 40!

6. Ha Ji Won — This versatile actress is 38 years old, looks nowhere near it.

7. Jeon Ji Hyun — This international star is 35, and gave birth to her first baby in February of 2016.

8. Lee Min Jung — This later bloomer debuted when she was 25, still looks it but is now already 34.

9. Son Ye Jin — This critically-acclaimed actress is 35 and getting even better with age.

10. Yoon Eun Hye — 32-year-old actress, director, singer, and model is doing her thing.


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