Passport photos are never flattering, and that's just the way it is. When was the last time you saw someone use their passport photo for their profile on social media? That's right . . . Never! But when you're a beautiful Korean celebrity, reality is just a tad bit different. Check out the passport photos of these 15 actresses and singers, and see their natural beauty shining through even in a boring government document!

If you can look beautiful in a passport photo, you're beautiful in any photo. And obviously, even more beautiful in person. So if that's the case, then the passport photos below of 15 Korean female celebrities only prove what everybody's known all this time — they're all pretty darn good looking. For those of you that own these government identification documents, just try to imagine a favorite closeup of yourself next to your actual passport photo. For those that don't, just remember to try to look your best when you go get your passport photo taken. Because they always make you look not so hot.

So without further ado, take a trip through some current passport photos of some of your favorite celebrities. Bon voyage!

1. Shin Min Ah — Makes perfect sense this 33-year-old actress looks cute in her passport photo. Before appearing in dramas and movies, Kim Woo Bin's better half was a top international fashion model.

2. Kim Tae Hee — Open up her Korean passport, and this is what you'll see. Nope, not the one with the grapes.

3. IU — It's no wonder she's one of Korea's highest-earning celebrities. With a voice and face like hers, advertisers are lining up to get her to endorse their products.

4. Kim Go Eun — Looks like she used a school photo for her passport. So cute!

5. Kim Seol Hyun — Even her passport photo looks like a skincare ad. What is up with that?

6. Hyeri — How cute her face has made her one of Korea's most in-demand models for endorsements, . Companies could probably get away by just using her passport photo to sell whatever they want.

7. Jooyeon — Before her debut, this young celebrity already had a huge following online for her naturally beautiful looks. So of course she's pretty in her passport photo!

8. Son Ye Jin — She may be critically acclaimed amongst fans, journalists, and industry insiders as an actress for her outstanding portrayals of complex characters, but it's her stunning looks that catch the eyes of custom agents wherever she goes.

9. Kim Hee Sun — Stunning at 40, this actress has a photo of herself in her passport that makes her look like she's half her age.

10. Moon Chae Won — Actors can always look different for roles, but they'll look pretty close to home in a passport photo.

11. Kim Yura — This member of Girl's Day looks just as cute in her passport a she does on stage.

12. Jessica Jung — This Korean-American singer looks super cute in her passport photo.

13. Ha Yeon Soo — Now that is a perfect passport photo.

14. Sojin — The leader of Girl's Day also looks hot in her passport photo. Of course she does, they all do!

15. Krystal JungJessica's younger sister looks quite different without makeup, but she's got the good looks, too. Must run in the family.


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